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September 13th 2008
Published: September 13th 2008
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This used to be a pier
I've survived my first full week of classes :-) yay! I'm taking conversation, grammer, and history. The first 2 aren't bad, but I am finding it difficult to understand my history prof...but i'll get it soon i'm sure!

I did my laundry the other day and I hung it out to dry but there is this nasty stuff in the air that just started the night i did my laundry (of course) and so now some of it smells even worse than before i washed it :-(

I've been walking home from school everyday which is about 30min. of a non-leisurly (sorry for the bad spelling) pace. It's good excercise which i need with the large amounts of delicously salty foods i've been eating! I'm also glad now that I brought my I-Pod because I can listen to it while i walk home :-)

Today Maxi and I went out galavanting through town, which was very fun but i'm pretty sure my legs are gonna fall off now :-) We went through some of these like mini malls (thats the best way i can think to explain it). And walked down Cordoba which is a street with a

A barco on El Rio Parana
bunch of shops etc. Then we walked to Parque Espana which was pleasant and we chilled there by the river for awhile before heading back. (this is what the pics are from)

And now I am here and I am VERY tired so i'm going to go to bed early so I can wake up tomorrow and do some more exploring and my homework before I go out tomorrow night!!!

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Maxi and me chillin at the park

Me by the river

ha it looks like a pineapple :-)

It was a BEAUTIFUL day with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see!

Me on the bench ready for a nap cause itwas a LONG walk!

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