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South America » Argentina » Salta June 8th 2006

Hola, Bonjour, Hello: take your pick, Argentinians respond to them all, and I am pretty sure that many prefer hello. What a weird place. Culturally this is the weirdest place I have ever been, at least of its kind. I have experienced, in Montreal let's say, the feeling that a people feel strained to portray and live the culture that they have adopted. It is kind of like a guy in a stylish suit that is baggy in places, which he knows and causes a slight insecurity, but nonetheless he is trying his best to play the persona of someone in an Armani. Here, though, there is a key difference to Montreal: Montreal is trying to be its own kind, a oneofakind, whereas here the feeling is unmistakably that they want to be another's kind, a ... read more
Walking around Salta
Walking around Salta
Walking around Salta

South America » Argentina » Salta June 7th 2006

After a four hour journey from Moon valley back to San Juan, we find all the buses full to take us to Salta. We do have the option to go 3 hours south of salta and get on a fully executive bus which costs a bit more, but seems like loads more to us back packers!! It cost us 22 pounds for this 10 hour journey of luxury!!! We very quickly get over the extra costs as the bus is amazing!!! Fully flat bed, amazing service, food and booze and soft drinks whenever we want, good movies in english, amazing toilets, luxury, the best journey so far. We do however decide to buy the cheapest bus ticket for the 3 hour continuation to salta and bow finds a cockroach climbing out of her chair!!! Cheapest is ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta June 1st 2006

Only at a distance of one nights' bus from Cordoba, Salta is totally different from the rest of Argentina, primerly because of the people. No more the European look - half of the residents here look much more like Bolivians, and this difference is so sharp compared to the people in Cordoba. The architecture is also much simpler - almost all the buildings are 1 or 2 floors, although the city is quiet big. But like in Cordoba, the good stuff about Salta is the country side - those small villages around. Therefore I ended up renting a car twice - once going south of Salta, and once north. I had a luck renting a car with a great company - Paul from Norway, Cameron from New Zealand, Deborah from Australia and Eitan from Israel. The ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta June 1st 2006

From Valle Fertil we had to go back south to San Juan to catch a bus north again to Salta where we´re meeting up with the rest of the crew. I hate doing that, doubling back on ourselves, especially when the journeys are long enough as it is. It´s the woman at the bus station´s fault for not telling us we could move north from Valle Fertil even though we told her where we wanted to go. You get that a lot in Argentina, people not giving obviously useful information, or only giving half the info, such as if you ask where a certain place is, they´ll tell you right enough, but they won´t tell you that it shut down 6 years ago... that sort of thing. It turned out a bit difficult getting a bus ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta May 29th 2006

What do you mean I told you all to read my blog and then didn't touch it for months? I've been busy... Right, let's see what I can do here then. After all the fun of freezing to death in the middle of a Patagonian winter, I jumped straight on a three hour flight back to Buenos Aires, and stayed there just long enough to go to SouthFest, a house festival for 20,000 people down by the docks. The line-up included Plump DJ's and LCD Soundsystem and was headlined by Deep Dish. Now I've got enough of Deep Dish's CD's to know I can no longer stand them but I thought I'd give them one last chance. On the whole the night wasn't too bad. I rocked up with about 15 Argies and we had a ... read more
Central Park, Mendoza
View Of Salta's Cable Cars
Ummm, A Cactus

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate May 29th 2006

"Do you understand any of that? Pantagruel asked the company; and Epistemon replied: I think that it is the language of the Antipodes. The devil himself couldn´t get his teeth into it. Then said Pantagruel: My friend, I don´t know whether the walls can understand you. But not one of us can make out a syllable." (Book 2, Chapter 9, Gargantua and Pantagruel by Francois Rabelais) The above quote is inspired by the fact that I have now been listening to the Teach Yourself Latin American Spanish CD on my iPOd for about four months. This has been useful to an extent. For example I am reasonably confident that I could buy half a kilo of bananas in a Columbian market, take advantage of the massive end of season reductions offered by a Mexican department store ... read more
Hostal in La Consulata, nr Mendoza

South America » Argentina » Salta » Calchaquí Valleys May 23rd 2006

J'ai quitté San Juan et le désert hier pour arriver aujourd'hui à Tucuman. Immédiatement, je me suis dirigé vers Tafi Del Valle, un petit village en altitude a l'ouest de Tucuman. Pour y arriver, l'autobus a emprunté une route de montagne à travers la jungle. Cependant, ici nous sommes trop haut pour voir une vegetation si luxuriante. Demain je vais sans doute aller me balader en montagne et je reviendrai alors avec des nouvelles fraîches et des photos. a+ : J'ai finalement passé 3 jours à Tafi et profité pleinement des montagnes alentours. La première journée, je me suis baladé sur les routes autour du village et me suis habitué à l'altitude (mal de tête, léger vertige et essouflement), car la vallée de Tafi est a 1976 m d'altitude et les promenades montent rapidement au-dessus de ... read more
Vers La Cienaga (Hauts des Galgals)
Vers La Cienaga (Rohan)
Ruines (~500 B.C.)

South America » Argentina » Salta May 18th 2006

After a long 11 hour bus journey, i arrived to Salta. stayed in a hostel called ¨terra occulta youth hostel¨...yeah don´t understad the name either! I had heard so much about Salta, but after partyin so hard the previous few weeks, i just couldn´t fathom getting out and trekking or doing anythng remotely physically challenging. The train to the clouds ( had been shut down, so our best views were from atop Cerro San more walking!! we took the telefrico up! stunning views over the surrounding mountain-side as the sun was setting! Salta is one of the most southern cities in argentina, close to Bolivia, so i finally started seeng the mix of cultures. The people were smaller, stockier and definitely less attractive!! The hostel was great...but me and my mate alex were put in ... read more
i like this pic!
kid running

South America » Argentina » Salta May 13th 2006

Arrived in Salta mid morning and shattered, luckily lots of hostel reps to fight over me so got a great deal of 15pesos a night, forgot to ask the nationalities though so fell in the Israeli trap again, oops. Went straight to bathroom and got locked in (very dodgy door) then straight to bed. Walk around town, very nice square with cathedral so very relaxing. It was saturday so party night so luckily an Irish bloke, Canadian bloke and Dutch girl arrived, and the crazy yank who we all tried to avoid. We drank many beers and then hit the town at 1. Went to the most popular club in town, Inside. Quite a fun night, some odd star wars moment in the middle of the night with lazers and C3PO talking but then back to ... read more
Cable Car
Cathedral 2

South America » Argentina » Salta » Calchaquí Valleys May 11th 2006

Today for my last day in Salta I took a day trip to the small town of Cachi in the Calchaqui valley. Yet again I was shown that when it came to handing out dramatic scenery, South America got a decent share! We drove first through the cloudforest region of the Escoipe Canyon, up the twisting, winding road to the 3200 metre summit of the Cuesta del Obispo, through the barren cactus studded plain of Los Cardones National Park and finally to Cachi in the Calchaqui valley itself (surrounded by snow capped Andean peaks). To top that all off, I had a lovely leisurely 2 hours in Cachi wandering around taking photos, shopping for handcrafts and eating lunch al fresco. Aah holidays..... ... read more
Again en route to Cachi

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