Well my luck run out briefly....after 2 failed mugging attempts I could not fend off all 4 attackers with a gun in the third attempt...definitely a day to remember!

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March 15th 2014
Published: March 16th 2014
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I should point out that other than some major bruising to my nose and upper lip and in various parts of my body (arms and back side) I am FINE and have survived one of the most traumatic experiences of my life to date!!!

Well some days it is better not getting out of bed....today was obviously one of those.

In my attempt to move between hostels several blocks apart, I had my first taster of the regular con....which I quickly brushed off as a one off from which I got away with a story and no financial or physical loss.

The con goes like this - 3 people (1 woman and 2 guys all with day packs on their backs) tried to steel my backpack....their ploy was to throw some putrite brown liquid onto my backpáck and neck, in order for one of them to approach me in the pretense to assist me while the third person very kindly stole my belongings from my backpack. However having taken on board the advice from my departing hostel I was switched on and just walked away from them and started swearing (yes not very lady like but effective) loudly while doing so. So I arrived at my new hostel and retold my tale and then got cleaned up before venturing out again.

The second attempt took place in a very public central avenue, I sat down on a bench and was trying to get my camera out to take some shots when one of the second group (2 women and 1 guy - they certainly like to mix it up!) through the liquid but this time I was instantly on my feet and walking away while screaming this time (yes profanities again...sorry), second time round still no financial or physical loss.

So in my wisdom I thought ok it has happened twice today in daylight and central locations, so I decided to continue using the back roads to reach my destination of La Boca which one of my previous dorm mates had recommended as a must see.

So LA BOCA turned out to be a GHETO HOOD and for me HELL ON EARTH for a brief moment in time (aprox 2pm in the afternoon). A woman stood in the intersection and co-ordinated the movements of the 4 men (3 guys and a teenager) who came at me from all 3 directions. One kindly pointed a (fake looking) gun to my head while the other 3 tried to get my backpack off....now the way I was wearing the back on my front and tied at the waist it was impossible for them to get it off despite the pulling they eventually just opened it and took what they could i.e. camera / wallet / havianas / sunscreen / food stuff and the sunglasses from my face and hat from my head. Just before the guy punched I decided to start shouting which obviously prompted the punch with the blood pouring everywhere they just run away.

I then proceeded north to the street where I found a police man and via hand movements I tried to convey what happened then 3 police cars came to the scene, I was taken to the local police station, where a doctor came to see me and recommended I go for a nose x ray at the local hospital. Following the x ray and a brief chat with another doctor he gave me an anti-inflamatory injection and a note for the police report.

I was then again escorted to the
x ray of nose....there is no fracturex ray of nose....there is no fracturex ray of nose....there is no fracture

despite the white mark at the top...so much for me thinking I had a straight nose to start with hahaha
police station where an interpreter took my statement. So after about 4.5 hours I was finally escorted to my hostel....I had to put on the water works (not that difficult today!) first, since they were planning to give me a bus fare and leave me at the bus stop...so I just broke down since i was still in shock / tired / hungry / can't speak Spanish....thankfully they took pity on me and carried out their original instructions, safely escorting me to my hostel.

So after 4 police rides and spending an afternoon in a police station, I have total admiration for what these guys have to do on a daily basis...everyone was so nice despite not being to speak English. The police & doctors were all brilliant!

Luckily for me at the new hostel the staff were absolutely great and there was an Australian doctor staying who got me ice and gave me advise on looking after my still bleeding nose and some pills for the inflammation.

A massive big thank you to my Peruvian friend for keeping me entertained via Skype during the evening to take my mind off my ordeal - real star!

Glad to say I am feeling much brighter today and the swelling has gone done but still sporting the buffy upper lip (to think people pay lots of money for botox when all they need a punched nose for free or in my case AR$1600 plus a camera / sunglasses / havianans), all part of the traveling experience.

I have to say I am feeling very lucky and not deterred from seeing more of Buenos Aires it will just be in the form of organised events though, with some short trips to the safer river keys on my own.

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t-shirt showing the signs of 2 mugginst-shirt showing the signs of 2 muggins
t-shirt showing the signs of 2 muggins

first attempt happened in the main avenue when 3 attackers through their stinky liquid and then being thrown against a wall and pulled by my 4 gun carrying attackers...needless to say this was binned
backpack that was way more sturdy than you would expectbackpack that was way more sturdy than you would expect
backpack that was way more sturdy than you would expect

yep there was a fair bit of blood from my punched nose...this was also binned since the straps were damaged from the pulling

16th March 2014

I'm so sorry to hear about your mugging...
but am pleased you are feeling better and have a great attitude. The police could probably arrest all these muggers if they just followed you around for a day and watched as the flies were attracted to the honey.
17th March 2014

checking in with you..
Hi Tania, after reading your blog and seeing the pics, I felt the need to check in with you n see that you really are okay?... what a shocking experience - you're certainly one gutsy and feisty lady - giving them a mouthful too while they're acting so despicably!! I know you'll be looking after yourself - sending love wrapped in a warm hug xxx
18th March 2014

Jesus woman, you need to be more careful and not go anywhere in that country on your own. Your family and friends (us and others) must be/are worried sick reading that. That is seriously scary, and you might not be so lucky next time. Please do not put yourself in situations where you have no support! Lecture over!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay xx
20th March 2014

Oh dear, hope you are okay now
This is terrible, so sorry to hear what happened to you. Don't let those idiots deter you from your future travels. So why did a dorm mate suggest you visit La Boca?
20th March 2014

Thank you
Hi Shane, thank you for your message! There is no way i am being put off future travels anywhere or in South America....i will definitely be back :) My ex-dorm mate suggested I visit La Boca to see the caminito but i did not ask any specific questions just assumed it would be safe to travel by foot and on my own...i now know i need to research or ask questions before just heading off the tourist track...it was just an off day :) Happy travels Tania

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