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March 16th 2014
Published: May 17th 2014
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I can not put my finger on it but there is something that resonates deeply within me and Buenos Aires! Stepping off the seacat ferry i instantly fell in love with this place.

Equipped with my lonely planet book this time and my hostel address i proceeded to the nearby bus terminal to enquire on which bus would be most appropriate....to my amazement 5 bus drivers on their break willingly assisted to identify the most appropriate bus route and since i did not have the relevant change they even let me ride for FREE!

The streets are wide and well lit during the night, so it feels safe to walk around on your own. I am so looking forward to exploring this city.

Over the coming days that is exactly what I did....walked as much as my legs would permit and saw as much of the city as I could....not disappointed in the slightest. After 3 days I decided to switch hostels since I was looking for something abit more homely rather than the huge modern building i was staying at.

I am not going to go in to what ensued on my way between the hostels since this was all captured in the previous blog. What I am going to cover is the remaining time in BA and my visit to the breath taking Iguazu falls instead.

The new hostel ticked every box for me, super friendly staff and guests and spacious dorms and comunual spaces. Only down side there were bed bugs in my first room so after 2 nights we were moved to another room so that the original one could be fummigated! I have to laugh since I thought all my bites were due to moskitos and it turned not to be the case. If anything this trip is turning into more of an adventure than I had ever envisaged!

Amongst my new dorm mates were a lovely couple of Australian travellers, a swiss girl, a spanish one, a german and New Jersey guys and a couple of islraelis plus a father & son from Oz, so a real cultural mix, making the conversations so much more fun and varied.

I had my first ever tango lesson and dinner / show, I have to admit watching was so much more fun that doing on this occassion....despite my zumba lessons I
tango showtango showtango show

the story of tango being re-enacted by 4 amazing dance couples and a signer plus band...great show and food was good too!
definitely have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing and tango is so technical! But at least I tried and had a laugh about it :-)

I finally did the walking tour on my final day and met a lovely group of travellers who 2 of them turned out to be in my hostel so we continued the chatting during the hostels weekly bbq in the terrace. I was an invited guest in light of my experience, which was so sweet of the staff! Plus an opportunity to take some photos with my iphone of the nightly sights.

After 9 nights in Buenos Aires it was time to bid fairewell and commence my 20 hour bus journey to the Iguazu falls, who everyone i had met so far was raving about. It was an uneventful bus journey but scenic. I only had one full day in Puerto Iguazu so I quickly checked in to my hostel and booked myself for the evening bbq so I could visit the falls.

I had read that the negative water particles from the waterfalls are supposed to induce an euphoric feeling, well i was so pleasantly relieved that proved to
hostel bbqhostel bbqhostel bbq

invited guest for the weekly feast on the hostel roof terrace!
be the case....i was on such a high the preseding 2 days afterwards. What a beautiful day it was with sunshine and rainbows and nice cool mist from the waterfalls and the wild life! I can honestly say this place holds a very special place in my heart alongside Queenstown NZ! After 6 hours exploring it was time to return to the town and have a wee walk around before heading back to the hostel for a shower and the must needed food overload in the form of the daily bbq!

Now I have had 4 different bbq's while on this trip and I have to admit this definitely topped them all in terms of variation of salads and volume of food....there was just me and a couple of american friends and yet there was food for at least 10 people, we certainly tried to eat as much as possible not to offend anyone but still we only made a small dent in the banquet.

To top off my time here, the 2 australian girls I met in BA were staying in my hostel that night, so we got to spend the next day just chilling out and catching up on the next stage of their 9 month adventure.

This 4 weeks have been a great trip, confirming once again how much I love South America and despite my mugging experience I will definitely be back....so much more to see and do!!

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the famous cemeterythe famous cemetery
the famous cemetery

Evita's grave was rather modest compared to some of the sights!
Iguazu fallsIguazu falls
Iguazu falls

it took ages to get a clear shot of this....lots of tourists!

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