Day 257 Argentina, Puerto Iguazú, Iguazú Falls (Argentinian side)

Published: August 2nd 2015
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Hi Friends, Family and bloggers,

After having the tasty free breakfast at the hostel we were picked up by the tour company from the hostel, where we travelled the short distance in a coach with our Spanish speaking guide (was meant to be an English speaking tour) to Iguazú National Park, where we spent the day on the Argentinian side of Iguassu Falls.

The most important thing to bring today was our camera for this natural wonder, one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. We were amazed as 400,000 gallons (1.5 million liters) of water a second plummet onto the rocks below in a network of more than 270 waterfalls.

Our guided visit (booked through Viator as it was very competitively priced) took us to the park’s three tiers, providing different views of Iguassu Falls. We took plenty of photos here, getting sprayed with water every time the wind blew up. We then followed the upper and lower paths to the base of the falls, getting soaked by the mist and crashing water. We took some great rainbow photos here, fighting for a good spot amongst the crowned barrier. Our guide led the way and told us about the different features of the falls (unfortunately this was in Spanish so we didn’t get much of the facts).

We had our own packed lunch that we made up this morning. There were a species from the raccoon family (can’t remember what they were actually called), who kept trying to steal everyone’s lunch. A bit like annoying monkeys but these creatures can be quite viscous so we had to be careful around them at the park.

After lunch we had the ultimate Iguassu Falls experience: a boat ride through the falls! We got soaked even when wearing our plastic bag coats! At one point I really did think the captain had made a mistake and had driven the boat too far into the falls and that we would soon be sinking from impact! It was great fun and definitely worth seeing the falls form a different angle again.

About 4pm we were taken back to your Puerto Iguazú and dropped at our hostel. On the whole the day is expensive in total (approx: US96/ £64), as once paying for the tour, you usually have to pay park entrance too). Still it’s a one-time thing and was spectacular!

We bought food from the super marker for tea tonight and cooked at the hostel- steak, butternut squash and red wine (£4.50 each) so not too bad after a busy day!

Love V&N xxx

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