Iguazu here we come

Published: June 21st 2012
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1: Iguazu Falls 0 secs
2: Massive water flow 0 secs
Hi folks, as always an update on Mum, things are more positive and hopefully we are on the up.

We were up very early, 2 am and even though I had taken a sleeping pill (or part of) it had no effect so I ended up with a couple of hours sleep at the most. We are now in Argentina and have just spent our first day in Iguazu and have spent the day back in Brazil getting soaked, thank god my camera is water resistant but I had to constantly wipe the lens as there is water everywhere.

These are my first attempts at loading videos so we will see - I suggest that you play them with the sound off as all you here is a loud hiss - it is the noise of the water but it sounds like static.

But a few photos for you - hope you enjoy them

Additional photos below
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Coati looking for foodCoati looking for food
Coati looking for food

This little critter went into Harry's bag for food - mind you apparently they are prone to rabies so don't touch
This is a pair to the immense flow aboveThis is a pair to the immense flow above
This is a pair to the immense flow above

This is part b, this is the flow of water that hows in part a

24th June 2012

Looks brilliant. Hope you and Clare are good. You there with the travel "group"?
25th June 2012

We are well
Hi David, yes we are well. The travelling group is a bit different this time, Terry and Sheena could not make it so it started with just Ruth and Peter, now though there three children have arrived so we are a group of seven. The trip has been good although my mother is not well, started with a triple bypass, then a bowel blockage and now more unwell. Anyway hope you are well

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