The Mighty Iguazu

Published: March 13th 2009
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Words cannot describe the power and beauty of Iguazu. Sprawling waterfalls line the cliffs of Iguazu National Park. I visited the Argentinian side of the falls where you are able to walk so close to the falls that its hard not to feel insignificant. I lived close to Niagara Falls on the border of Canada for the past two years and I am sorry to say that Niagara is nothing compared to the immenseness of Iguazu. To feel the falls true power we took a boat ride under the falls and it defenitely was an experience in itself. The stregnth of the falling water was blinding. Again, words cannot describe the falls, and pictures do not do them justice.

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13th March 2009

Nothing more to say.
13th March 2009

water water everywhere
OMG! what a view. You've now witnessed one of the seven wonders of the world. Six left to go. love you mommamia

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