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Published: July 22nd 2005
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today of course we ended up in Argentina, as you do! i mean we were so close by why not!! The falls from the argentinian side was incredible! not sure which side i prefer...maybe i need to visit them again to see. But the falls were unmissable, they should most defenatly be on everyones ´things to do before they die´list! we kinda blew the budget a bit today! i mean there was a chance for a ride on a speed boat underneath the waterdalls, so how could we not! it was absolutely amazing, we ended up getting so so wet our clothes still are nowhere near dry but it was most defenatly worth it, the speed boat took us right from the Argentinian side of the falls to the brazillian side via behinde the waterfalls. i cannot describe how amazingly beautiful the place is! pictures will never do it justice the noise is crazy and the spray from the waterfalls looks as if it is huge clouds of white smoke. we also booked some coach tickets to Campogrande in Brazil but were not sure whether to cancel them or go or what, we are very tempted by the lur of paraguy and got a hot tip concerning a cheap language school. Although personally i dont think we need to, i mean we know the word for hot chocolate in spanish and portuguese, and the phrase for stop smoking its not very nice! so what more do we need really? dom tells me this isnt enough but pah, hand gestures are enough surley! thumbs up is international! we would be posting more pictures to make you all really jealous but the wire is in my room and i dont wish to wake my room mates...again, last night it was chronic hiccups! well we will post soon as poss, but who knows when that will be? anytime between tomorrow and septembers my guess!

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23rd July 2005

this is the second time i have written this the first time it just disapeared glad your having a great time but mind the budget or you will be eating the livestock and i dont mean the cows?emma finished school on friday and is already moaning only joking? we are going to go away for a few days at the begining of august so if i dont send you any more comments you know why speak to you again soon oh by the wat had to send your birth certificate to the finance office at college green also you didnt sign the form so you will have to go in and do it when you get home you you loads.

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