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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata March 5th 2018

We spent Saturday morning on the streets outside our hostel at the second parade for the Festival of the Wines. This parade was quite different from the on Friday night that featured the queens of the various districts from the state of Mendoza. Instead, Saturday's parade was more on foot and featured various social and political movements, marching bands in wild costumes, gauchos, and, of course, queens from the region and various other festivals. At times it was hard to tell what was the parade and what was not. There was no real control of anyone, the crowd often squeezing the street closed along with the vendors of everything from tiaras, sandwiches, balloons, cotton candy and empanadas. But when a band or group appeared the throngs pulled back to enjoy yet another band, political group singing ... read more
One of many costumed dancers
Teachers marching
Parade queens love old gringos

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata September 7th 2016

So, I enjoyed the good vibes of Mendoza, and also hanged out with some other travelers I met at the Hostel, some from Israel, like two Israeli girls traveling together since they met at Uruguay. They really made me want to travel there. Some were from other parts of the world - one of them was a really nice young carpenter from the UK. He was talking about a very common thing among 20' something years old young guys from the western culture – he was talking about how all he does is to build stuff for rich people and he was thinking about changing for a more meaningful job. That sounded familiar - generation Y characteristics and so on. I tried to give him some ideas, but don’t know if I was useful. Any how ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata July 16th 2015

Hello Party People, We woke up early as Vick wanted to wash her hair, if she had done it the night before she would have got a bad neck?? (Women, Vick said she didn’t have a hairdryer, so all you women will understand). Also we wanted to cook a pasta salad for the BBQ, Sergio, (our couch surfing host in Chile) wanted to have one today in the mountains, which sounded quite cool. Once we got downstairs and on the Wi-Fi our terrible day started. Sergio said he was going to be at our hostel at 10:00, however we had a message on whatsapp saying that he couldn’t get through the border until later in the day, so he would let us know what time he would be here. We carried on and cooked up the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata January 11th 2014

Aquí empezó la gran travesía. La verdad es que no me he encontrado muy mal tras los días de aclimatación en Uspallata y subimos bastante ligeros. Oihan ha cargado con toda la comida y eso ha ayudado bastante, la verdad es que es impresionante ver la capacidad que tiene de mover una bicicleta tan cargada de cosas y pesada. Él lleva aprox 50kg más la bicicleta y yo unos 30kgs.Los paisajes de los Andes son espectaculares y nos paramos varias veces a sacarnos fotos. Se recorre un valle larguísimo que va cambiando de colores a cada curva y merece la pena verlo. El recorrido se introducía en Los Andes en continua subida y bajada, pero siempre ganando altura. Pasamos de los 19... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata January 8th 2014

Esta fue mi primera excursión del viaje. Acabábamos de llegar a Uspallata (1900msnm) desde Uruguay y decidimos hacer una excursión de aclimatación a la altura y a la bicicleta. La excursión nos servía como aclimatación pero también para pasar dos días y poder ver así el Rally Dakar, que empezaba etapa desde Uspallata el día 7 de enero. En el hostal en el que nos alojabamos nos recomendaron esta ruta hasta el PN El Leoncito, donde hay una laguna seca en medio de un valle desértico y debía de generar un paisaje bastante bonito con los Andes de fondo. Ahí nos dijeron que había un camping donde poder acampar así que el plan cuadraba bastante bien. La Pampa del Leoncito,... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata January 4th 2014

El día 3 de enero madrugamos para ir a por la bicicleta y luego a la estación. Pasé mala noche porque el agua de Montevideo me sentó mal. El autobús salía a las 10am y a las 8am habíamos quedado con Eduardo (tienda de bicicletas) para recoger la bicicleta y llevarla a la estación en su coche. A partir de ahí, 21h de autobús hasta Mendoza en autobús. El autobús nos dió comida, merienda, una copita y desayuno. La cena la hicimos en un asador por el camino. Plato de pollo a la brasa con ensalada, 42 pesos. El autobús no iba lleno, así que nos acomodamos y dormimos un rato. Desde Mendoza hasta Uspallata llegamos en bus de 2h, subiendo aprox. 1000m de altura por unos valles muy bonitos del comienzo de los Andes. este ... read more
Andes desde Uspallata 2
Andes desde Uspallata 3
Panorámica de los Andes desde el mirador del Via Crucis (Uspallata)

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata March 10th 2013

We have made it out of Chile into Argentina and head back to Chile in the Morning. We are actually in Los Flores tonight, but there was no Los Flores for the blog entry so we are not now in Uspillata. Blog so far.... Wow what a start to the adventure, with wayward adventurers at the Airport going directly through Immigration, instead of regrouping with the lady's that had come to farewell us over a cup of coffee upstairs and group photo, sorry lady's, but they must of had Adventure on their minds...... Anyway we all made it to Santiago, with Scratch scoring a free upgrade to Business class as a Birthday treat. We got directly onto the paperwork as soon as we landed and we had the motos the next day. On the way from ... read more
All Bikes sorted
Ready to ride
Road side conference

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata August 13th 2011

Hello guys! Last 5 days we spent in Argentina, after our first boarder and our first customs in Buenos Aires we arrived at 2am in our hostel! Customs were quite easy to handle, luckily the guy spoke English! Next day we walked around the city and had a relaxed day! This should not stay the same, next morning we woke up early and tried to drive to Mendoza in the West. It is a 1000 km drive, which does not sound that impressive considering European streets, here although its massive! We couldn't quite make it and stopped after 14 hours and 850km at a toll station for the night! Police came by every few hours there, so we considered the place safe, however we had some strange feelings about it and didn't sleep that well ;-)! ... read more
Route 52
Route 52

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata May 25th 2009

Hola Amigos! So, we spent several days in Mendoza and now are back in the big city. Buenos Aires feels like home after all that travel! In Mendoza, we spent one entire day doing a "wine and bikes" tour, where we rented bikes and rode around checking out various wineries, olive oil factories, a vodka factory, and chocolate and liquor factory. It was a beautiful, sunny day... perfect for relaxing out in the vineyards with some wine (or vodka...). And unlike wine tours in the states, here they give pretty extensive tours of the vineyards and factories, so we learned lots about wine making too. We also spent a day traveling to Uspallata, a small town a couple hours from Mendoza and from there travelled a couple more hours to the even smaller town of Puente ... read more
Mendoza Vineyards
Wine Tour
Wine and Bikes

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Uspallata March 9th 2009

dit weekend was het eindelijk zover... mama en papa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vrijdagnamiddag zat ik hier al van halfdrie op hete kolen, want ze zouden tegen drie uur hier zijn om mij te komen ophalen... nu, met het cordobese verkeer en alles erbij, waren ze hier rond halfvier... het weerzien was zooooo emotioneel... de tranen hebben gevloeid, zoals verwacht... we hebben dan nog heel de namiddag en avond gereden om tegen een uur of halftwaalf in Mendoza toe te komen... alvorens naar Uspallata door te rijden, waar ons hotel was, hebben we nog genoten van een brochette mixta van de barbecue... nadien dus nog een 100 km verder, naar het hotel, dus tegen een uur of halftwee, twee uur waren we daar... (lokale tijd was gelukkig nog een uurtje vroeger) het hotel was prachtig gelegen, in mooie natuur ... read more
papa en ik
achter mij de aconcagua
puenta del inca

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