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January 15th 2007
Published: January 17th 2007
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It is our last day in Cordoba and it is about time to leave Cordoba and our seedy hostel room... Hopefully, our next room is a bit nicer and the owner a bit more reserved. The people were nice, but a bit too much with all their questions and trying to organise 'day trips' with us. Anyway, we had a great time swimming in the river as we haven´t done this before. The water is deep enough to swimm and jump into the river and there is a lovely sandy beach. We were lazy and didn't bother to walk to get to a more secluded area and just stopped after 5 minutes. It was really hot and although I was using suncream and stayed in the shadow, I managed to get burnt and now I am red as a lobster! Therefore, no swimming on the next day and we decided to check out Alta Gracia, which sounded like a nice village with characteristic houses. For being honest, we were not impressed and the Jesuit Estancia was not as nice as in Jesus Maria. However, you can visit the house where Che Guëvara lived as a child for 11 years. It was interesting to see as the house is spacious with the nicest toilet we have seen in Argentina. We didn´t know about Che growing about in this area and it is a real coincidence that we are moving to Rosario - his place of birth - tomorrow.

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Frankie and Em, Che's houseFrankie and Em, Che's house
Frankie and Em, Che's house

Em tried to point to the Che Guevara plate, not doing silly things behind Frankie

18th January 2007

We envy you a little bit for the warm weather and the great nature, although in Vienna it ist quite warm. No snow at all. Jaro is impressed of Che's bike.
19th January 2007

greetings from salzburg! also to angela! i do not know whether you heard about the great storm in europe. several persons died and we had a rough night in Salzburg feeling not too safe. today i walked to the "weiher" and there were so many cut down trees, it was still very windy and i was completely alone on the street- feeling a little bit like in the movie "twister". i took some pictures and will send them to you!! anyway best from salzburg :-)
28th January 2007

Hey guys, glad to hear you survived the border crossing. Things have been chilly here this week with an inch of snow covering everything when we woke up on Tuesday. London looked very pretty all white, however it was back to being grey again after it all melted by the afternoon! We're jealous of the sun! Booked our tix home this weekend...so we are heading home to catch some rays at the end of Feb. Happy travelling- k and g

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