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January 12th 2007
Published: January 13th 2007
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On Tuesday we arrived in Cordoba and it is a small and nice city with a pleasant enough centre. Cordoba is a university city and there are a lot of bars all over Cordoba to sit outside and have a beer or two. Again, the ´Las Villas´are very present but in contrast to Buenos Aires they search the street equipped with a horse carriage. We didn´t really feel comfortable to take a picture while they are ´working´and hence you can only see the horse... In Cordoba city itself it is more than sufficinet to spend a couple of days, but it is a great base for day trips. Yesterday, we went to the annual ´Festival Doma y Folklore´in the sleepy village Jesus Maria and it was really good fun. The festival attracts Gauchos - Southern Cowboys - from all South America and amazingly it is not a lot visited by Gringos (us). We had a fantastic day exploring the Gaucho market, watching Gauchos and of course the rodeo! We got so excited that we wasted all the battery filming the taming and couldn´t film the cow spectacle anymore. Hope you are able to watch our 2 best videos!
Today, we did another day trip to a small place called Cuesta Blanca and we experienced the sandy river beaches. It is blazing hot and it is lovely to swim in the river. In general, people try to sell tours to tourists but you can easily do it on your own as the mini bus system is excellent and a lot cheaper.

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13th January 2007

hi there, tobias loved the videos!!! great stuff. t
13th January 2007

hi em and f! feels weird to read your stories in this professional travel language - you must have been reading a lot of travel reviews in the guardian : ) i like your rodeo videos those are really empressing. I always thought they somehow legen einen gurt um die hinterhaxn, was das prferd dann wegbekommen möcht, deswegen hupfts wie ein irrer, but that doesnt seems the case here. you are moving really fast - that must be all the protein from the steaks. oh yeah, where will that lead to? somehow you are quite on the same track as andreas (whom i have my flat from) as he seems to be quite slow, you might meet him in mendoca. beach sounds good too. vienna is quite slow these days, not much going on enjoy your beach and keep us update : )
14th January 2007

It's a good idea, to write this reports. So we get to know your life!
14th January 2007

Mama hat gerade vergeblich versucht ihren Kommentar zu versenden. Hoffe, diesmal klappt es. Toll, daß wir eure Reise so hautnah mitbekommen. Hauptsache ihr habt Spaß. Mama Elfi meinte, daß ihr ja die ganze Zeit Urlaub habt, was ja auch der Sinn der Sache ist. Ich schlug ihr dann vor, daß sie auch Urlaub machen kann.
15th January 2007

very cool rodeo video, but it seems i´m not the only one impressed. sorry for my very late comment, beeing too busy in vienna (yes, this can also happen in your home town!). gonna send bart the nice comment about your lovely travel agent, love your blog until now!
26th March 2007

i from jesus maria
hi guys ,i'm very happy that you enjoyed your days in the "sleepy"jesus maria.Now i'm living in california but every january i'm going to my city to enjoy the "la doma"(the rodeo for you)

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