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South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia February 7th 2019

Today we are going on a road trip with Wilma. First, breakfast. It’s very healthy – there’s more fruit on the breakfast buffet than I’ve seen in the whole of the past month. The benefit of sharing a hotel with professional sportsmen. We set off for Alta Gracia, a small town 24 miles southwest of Córdoba. It is the home of a 16th century Jesuit ranch (now a museum) and church. After a quick climb of the clock tower for a birds eye view of town, we visit the various Jesuit buildings. On the outskirts of town, is the childhood home of Che Guevara, now a museum. It documents the course of his life with plenty of photographs, original letters and documents. My favourites are letters written by little Ernestito and ‘La Poderosa’ - the motorcycle ... read more
Alta Gracia clock tower
Alta Gracia clock tower
Alta Gracia Jesuit estancia

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia January 18th 2015

Today I spent the day in Alta Gracia – a town about one hour away from Cordoba by bus. It’s a beautiful town at the foothills of the mountains with a little river running through it where lots of holidaymakers were camping, sunbathing and kids were playing in the stream. I’d gone to Alta Gracia specifically to visit Che Guevara’s childhood home. I walked over a bridge and up a hill through winding and shady streets lined with houses on either side (many were made in the French style) until I found Che Guevara’s house and the museum of Che which was one of them. Once I got there I went to look for something to eat before taking in the history of Che. Whilst looking for a place to eat I asked an Argentinian man ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia January 18th 2015

Che’s real name was Ernesto and was born to aristocratic parents. He was called Che because in Argentinian Spanish Che is a pronoun meaning ‘you’ and he didn’t want to be recognised by his aristocratic name so he adopted the name Che and was known throughout Central America and South America as Che Guevara. His mother was a feminist one of the first women to smoke, wear trousers and drive a car and his father owned a lot of land and both had a high place in society. They were on their way to Buenos Aires from Cordoba when Ernesto was due to be born and they stopped in Rosario (a town in between Cordoba and Buenos Aires) to have Che. Che was born in Rosario with a bronchial condition which later developed into asthma. The ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia October 27th 2012

Alta Gracia--Cultural Treasures Alta Gracia is the biggest city, 45,000 people, that I visited in the mountains surrounding beautiful Cordoba. Like the other towns, it was built along a gurgling, shady river, perfect for strolling. However, it also held several cultural treasures such as one of the region's well-restored, UNESCO-designated, former Jesuit estancias/ranches, as well as the house-museums of the adolescent Che Guevara and the elderly Spanish composer, Manuel de Falla, a clock town erected in 1938 to celebrate the city's 350 anniversary, the1903 Sierras Hotel which was Argentina's first casino, and a lovely urban park built around the former Jesuit reservoir. Moreover, it was September, spring, and the town was filled with brilliant, purple-blooming jacaranda trees. I'd come from little Mina Clavero on a local bus that wound through the mountai... read more
La Caroya Estancia
La Caroya owl
clock tower and lake reflections

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia September 16th 2012

The history of Cordoba cannot be separated from the Jesuits. Around the city they had several estancias that provided the income to support the university in Cordoba. We knew that we had to visit at least one of these estancia and were thrilled when the lady at the tourist information office told us how easy it was to get to and from Alta Gracia. As well as the estancia, Alta Gracia is famous for being the home of Che Guevara during his adolescent years. The local bus station was a 5 minute walk from the hotel. It looked like a small version of all the bus terminals we had seen so far. The ticket offices were inside downstairs. There was only one operator who had Alta Gracia tickets as they were the only ones to go ... read more
Clock tower and reservoir
Motorcycle diaries

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia March 9th 2011

On Monday (7 March), Kelly (from Brazil) and I went to Alta Gracia, a little town in the Southwest of Córdoba. This is one of the places where (rich) Argentinians spend their holidays. The differences between the life style of the original habitants and the tourists is quite striking. But Alta Gracia is also known for a beautiful little church and the grotto of the virgin from Lourdes (gruta de la virgen de Lourdes) and since Monday and Tuesday were holidays because of the carnaval, many Argentinians pilgrimaged either to the virgin or the tennis court of Alta Gracia. Another highlight of this town is the Che Guevara museum (I would call it Che Guevara church...). Che used to live here as a child because of this asthma and this house is now a museum, which ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia December 26th 2010

20.12. 10:30 - marea baja - Es gibt Bekanntschaften, die halten eine Reise lang, und es gibt Freundschaften, die man hoffentlich ein Leben lang behält. 4 Monate lang hatte ich mit Mar die beste Mitbewohnerin, Reisegefährtin und Freundin, die man sich vorstellen kann. Sie wird ein paar Tage bei ihrem Freund in Deutschland sein, Weihnachten mit ihrer Familie in England verbringen und irgendwann im Januar zurück nach Barcelona. Und dort gibt es vielleicht bald ein Wiedersehen und ein Revival unserer WG: Ich überlege mir, mich fürs Sommersemester 2012 für Erasmus in Barcelona zu bewerben! 12:00 Bei der Post versuche ich, mein Weihnachtsgeschenk von Andi abzuholen... Leider noch nicht da. dafür kann ich den Poncho abholen, den Mars Mama ihr geschickt hatte, damit sie in der Kälte Europas nicht erfriert. Leider zu spät... 21.12. Auf zu neuen ... read more
myriam y rike
la casa del CHE

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia October 11th 2009

Alta Gracia was not on our planned itinerary. We left Salta, passed through Tucumán, and arrived in Córdoba in the morning, planning to find a place to stay once we arrived, as we have been doing throughout our trip. We were surprised to find that every hostel, hospedaje, and hotel in town was booked! It turns out that this is a long holiday weekend for Columbus day, and that Córdoba is a popular vacation spot. What do we do?! We pulled out the chopped up pages of guidebook I taped together and brought and looked for other towns nearby, eventually settling on a visit to Alta Gracia, hometown (for the most part) of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. We called and found an inexpensive place to stay, and took the next bus out of town. Alta Gracia is ... read more
La casa de Che
La casa de Che

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia March 31st 2009

Alta Gracia's claim to fame is that Ernesto "Che" Guevara grew up there during part of his childhood. The house that he grew up in was turned into a museum. Walking around the house, I learn that Che was a very good friend of Fidel Castro. Castro actually visted the house in 2006. Coincidentally, Hugo Chávez decided to make a visit to the house on the same day and at the same time as Castro. Coincidence? I think not.... read more
Alta Gracia102
Alta Gracia103
Alta Gracia104

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Alta Gracia January 31st 2009

We decided to spend the day outside Cordoba and visit another town. We went to a small bus station to take a bus to go to Alta Gracia. We randomly ran into one of the students from school at the bus station (Alia from France) so we ended up spending the day with her. We first had lunch at a small restaurant (one of the 2-3 restaurants of Alta Gracia) and had a really good omelette and tortilla de papas. (We should really import tortilla de papas into Canada). We then went to the Che Guevara museum. It was actually one of the houses where the Che lived when he was young. It was interesting to learn more about this south american icon who helped the Cuban revolution. We also visited another estancia (called estancia de ... read more

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