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January 12th 2009
Published: February 2nd 2009
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A 3 hour wait in B.A. for Qantas to finally arrive gave Ann plenty of opportunity to re-acquaint with the Spanish note. Thank goodness for mobile phone and texts as it took about 6 texts to realise we were at the same position as noted but in different terminals!

For Ann - from the cold of London to the blistering heat of Buenos Aires
For Gordon - from the blistering heat of Melbourne to the blistering heat of Buenos Aires.
A definite head start for Gordon on acclimatisation and suntan (Gordon already looking native - must be why they keep thinking he can speak Spanish).

We stayed in St Palermo - the more wealthy, safer but a bit quieter, area of B.A. Our hostel was quiet but very friendly and with Aircon - perfect introduction, especially for those with jetlag.

Since we´re coming back to B.A. in March with friends we just spent this couple of days pootling about, looking at the tourisy bits of the Cemetary with Eva Peron and her museum that was just nearby.........some definite fans here as well as the foes. We wondered round the City taking in the buildings and monuments. The city has a very European feel and is a very gentle introduction to South America. Some of the architecture is quite beautiful - a colonial feel.

We were introduced to our first South American protest (this is surely to be a common theme throughout the tour). Very laid back, people sitting around chatting babies included. The judicial buildings are a common target for venting opinions through graffiti.

We were also introduced to our first S America street dance. Wondering along a busy road to a petrol station, looking for where get cash out (feeling a little vulnerable on our first night) we heard this beat echoing through the night - it seemed to be coming from the petrol station where we were headed. We couldn´t see anything as as we got closer we realised it wa coming from behind the station in the alley that runs parallel to the train line. We peered round to see about 6 guys banging away and about 20 people dancing on formation to the beat. The noise from jsut 6 people was amazing and the dance was very cool too. People were sat on the the side of the road watching. As we stood there a guy came by on his bike with a child (about 2-3) and a guitar and cycled over to join in. It was like being taken back to the 80s and watching an epìsode of FAME. If only we´d packed our leotards and leg warmers we could have joined in.

It became plainly obvious from the first night why Argentina is famous for its steak........deeeeelicious.

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3rd February 2009

You are making me jealous
Wow you look like you are having an amazing time. Keep the blogs coming. I am doing well. Only 2.5 weeks left i hope not longer!!!
6th February 2009

The sun is a distant memory
Blistering heat.......we have snow :o)

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