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23rd March 2011

information please
Hello, I ve just read your article about your experience in Santa Martha Rescue Animal and I d like to have the same kind of experience.. But the internet web site doesn t work... How can i have more information about this voluntary project ? Thank you very Much !
3rd May 2012

Unfortunately Santa Marta closed down. I don't have the full story, though there were rumours flying around that the animals were being exploited etc. From our experience it was wonderfully run by committed people and committed volunteers and is a crying shame!
21st August 2009

Colombia the South guide book
We used the country guide of the lonely planet. Very out of date because a new one is due soon. You get a good idea for what prices should be by looking at hostel booking sites and then just what you actually pay in your first couple of restaurants.
7th August 2009

Hello! Just wondering which guidebook you use, I hate it when prices are wrong.. /josefina
29th July 2009

Anything was better than that donkey!
23rd July 2009

Great practise for when the twins arrive ;-)
23rd July 2009

Beat it was a whole lot better than riding that donkey in Egypt!
1st July 2009

What a fantastic place :) the colours are amazing.... lots of "I wish I was there"......from me Laura x
9th June 2009

Cuba Libre night... on at the Central del Mundo hostel in Quito on Mon, Wed and Fridays :) Say hi to all from leo and katrin! I must say - I am this tiny eeny weeny bit envious reading all your blogs, sounds like you're having a fab time. Need to pick your brains regarding Africa btw...
9th June 2009

Noel Kempf
Loving the posts! We didn't make it into Noel Kempf at all. We spent many hours researching routes in, transport options, guides and trying to link up with other travellers to go into Noel Kempf and in the end had to pass it up. We were also restricted financially (travelling on NZ$$), but the logistics were what killed it in the end. Unfortunately there were so many stories like yours and many instances of people getting stranded. I do hope that they succeed in building slightly better infrastructure, but the management of national parks is a concern across all of South America.... Venezuela where there are no toilets and there are fields of toilet paper and sh*t, or Peru where there are toilets but full to overflowing (even though you pay $USD60 to enter) resulting in more toilet fields or even the famous Torres del Paine where some of the bridges are hazards.... Great to hear you both are having such amazing adventures. We also loved Madidi and Chalalan!
9th June 2009

you could give lectures at the national geographic!
9th June 2009

Hey there, you look so at home with all the animals; looks like you had fun.
19th May 2009

I miss you guys
I miss you guys I miss youuuuuu guys I miiiiissssssss you guys I miss you guuuuyyyys! Seriously - it looks like you are having an awesome time. Wish I could be there with you on some of it. What amazing experiences you have had. Very very envious. Life in London definitely is NOT as glam as you have it! So - I am leaving England towards the end of June.....when are you guys back? Have fun...stafe safe...but make sure you push the fuckin limits! love ya
From Blog: Salar de Uyuni
19th May 2009

So So Beautiful
Hey guys, I try really hard to be anything but happy for you but when I see all this, I can't help being a bit envious too!
From Blog: Salar de Uyuni
2nd April 2009

Congratulations to you both. Well done Gordon. xx
2nd April 2009

Hey Guys, great pics, thanks for the boys t-shirts. marcus was wrapped with his "Shaun the Sheep" t-shirt. take care and hope to see you soon
21st March 2009

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. I could easily do those afternoon naps!!!
From Blog: Capital Views
21st March 2009

HI There:)
Hi :) What a fantastic journey...not sure I envy the boat I am terribly sea sick...but I definetely envy everything else.... Here in the English countryside is pretty boring....apart from the highlight of the month: Carlotta's birthday this week...she is 5 already...can you believe it? She looked at the pictures of the penguins and she was mesmerised!!!!! have a good time and write to you soon Love Laura xxx
26th February 2009

wonderful blog
I must admit to envy and a distinct feeling of nostalgia, but this blogs takes me back to a wonderful time 4 years ago. I look forward to your impressions of Bolivia
From Blog: Icicles
19th February 2009

Brilliant - can't wait for the Antarctic version - mum
From Blog: Icicles
15th February 2009

kick ass!!!
Nice one people! Loving the pics... jealous as hell of course... but not really about being in the cold, will be in icy iceland soon enough :-) Have a fab time in Antarctica xx
From Blog: Icicles
11th February 2009

Wow you got good weather in Santiago
Hi Guys, sounds like you are having fun. You go great weather in Santiago. We had a lot of pollution when we were there. No view from the hill like yours. It makes it look so beautiful.
From Blog: Capital Views
10th February 2009

great reading!
It's so nice to read your blogs and see the photos! It brings back great memories when I was in that part of the world! A lot of those Mendoza wineries look very familiar! Nice to see the Che museum is still there too!!!!Look forward to hearing where you end up next! Doogs
6th February 2009

The sun is a distant memory
Blistering heat.......we have snow :o)
3rd February 2009

You are making me jealous
Wow you look like you are having an amazing time. Keep the blogs coming. I am doing well. Only 2.5 weeks left i hope not longer!!!

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