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January 24th 2008
Published: January 24th 2008
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TODAY WAS AN ADVENTURE AND A HALF!!!! It was a long day today we took a Spanish pre-test, a 2hr written, which I placed into the advanced group, and a 15 minute oral exam but we went two by two so the oral took 2hrs as well because I was in the last two to go. Then we missed our stop on the bus back home and went WAYYYYYY out in the ghetto suburbs to the bus station had to walk a couple of blocks and catch another one going back, IT TOOK TWO HOURS IN ALL. But hey I guess I got a cheap tour of that side of town. AND THE DAY IS STILL NOT OVER! I am going to eat dinner, then shower, get ready, and were all going to go out and dance tonight! YIPEEEE! We have class again tomorrow from 2-5pm or I guess that would be 11-2pm USA time.
Anyways, otherwise all is well. Next weekend, most of us are thinking about going to Uruguay for the weekend, for those of you who don't know the best beaches are in Uruguay, Punto del Este, so were all going to go in together and rent an apt. for the weekend or some rooms in a hostel. Sorry no pictures this time, but there will be plenty next week.



25th January 2008

Wow that sounds like such an intense day! It sounds much more organized and thorough than our situation which I am really happy about for you because it sucked. Anyway, you are going to love Punta del Este. It's so beautiful there! The hostels we stayed at were super nice! Apartments I'm sure are so cheap if you all go in together! Just beware that in big groups you stick out more=people more likely to rob you. Happened to me in Brazil, not Uruguay but you never know!
25th January 2008

I'm jealous...once again
It sounds like you are having a blast. I am going to be soo jealous of your beach time. It is waay to cold here to go to the beach, even in Charleston (not that I really get down that way anymore :( ) silly jobs getting in the way...I can't wait to see all your pictures!
28th January 2008

Glad you're having so much fun!
Hey, Caleb! Your mom told me about your blog. What a great idea! Sounds like you are already having a wonderful experience. I loved seeing the colorful houses, and all of the other photos. I'll be checking on you often! Love you, Mrs. G

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