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December 13th 2006
Published: January 12th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

A quiet night outA quiet night outA quiet night out

At Home (bar) - Amanda and I
So, my year here has come to an end.

I never indulged in a psychologist, I never referred to BA as the "Paris of Latin America" and I never bought those ridiculous shoe/socks that were so popular. But, I did take a little bit of BA away with me and a little bit of me will stay in BA.

It is a city that seduces you and induces loyalty. I find myself defending it to anyone, not from BA, who might criticise it.

Yes, there are things that could be worked on, such as the still, fanatical tie to Maradona and Evita. The normality of marital affairs - 'albergue transitorio'. The corruption - paid protesters. The dog shit and the pornographic news stands.

But old habits die hard and more than this, BA is addictive and unpredictable. I will miss it hugely.

The people are amazingly warm, passionate and generous. The amount of family homes I was invited to for a BBQ (Assado) was astounding. The tree lined streets of Palermo and other areas give the vast city a real community feel. Everyone speaks to everyone else whether they know you or not. It's frankly, impolite
Another quiet night outAnother quiet night outAnother quiet night out

At Home - Me and Amanda
not to greet someone in a lift or bus.

I love its contradictions of edgyness and conservatism. There is the glamour and the grittyness . There are hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs, but hardly anyone drinks! And what quirky phrases and gesticulations! Where else would you get a girl describing a fit man using the phrase "Que lomo"?

I will really miss walking around the city soaking up the vibe and the sun but mostly I will miss you lot, the friends I made there. You know who you are and you made my experience what it was.

Who knows what's in store for us in the years to come but I'll remember this year and I hope you'll remember me too.

Perhaps I'll come back next year...

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Christmas dinner with all the Bespoke teachers.
Leaving partyLeaving party
Leaving party

Me, Graham, Tim, Soria

13th January 2007

Home free
I never made it to a soccer game but I ate a lot of meet! Miss you tons. lovelove
13th January 2007

So sad.
Dog shit and albergue transitorio culture and all, I feel the same way about BA. I know I will always jump at a chance to talk it up, or to recommend it to someone. I think its quirkiness is what makes it so endearing to us. It's a city that teaches you to be able to laugh at yourself and take the piss out of yourself (did I use that British expression correctly??)...but of course, what made me love it was mostly the people. YOU rounding out the top of the list!!! I will miss you and everyone but it will be interesting to see where we all end up...

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