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Bienvenidos a Miami

March 10th 2016
"Party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn, we're going to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami" We could not get this song out of our heads since we booked our flight here. We sung it out loud, to ourselves and every time we were reminded of our pending trip to Miami. No telling, we were pretty excited to be heading back to the US albeit for only 2 nig ... read more
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American Flag Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. During the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 new states were added to the origina... ... read more
11th March 2016

Shocked, yes, I am shocked!
First, I'm thrilled that you liked my country and that people were friendly. However, I'm shocked at how much all of this cost you. I guess I've always driven my ancient car, camped, hosteled sometimes and self-catered always, but yikes, I'm so impressed with the fortune you two spent and that you are still smiling (then again, you're from England, which wiped out my budget). I'm also a huge fan of Isla de Mujeres, so also shocked that the Miami waters were freezing and not so inviting. Most of my South American friends have either been to Miami or have friends living there, plus lots of ex-Cubans, so yes, lots of Spanish. Regarding the homeless--it's a massive, shameful problem in the US, and as you saw, many have mental problems and should be sheltered; in England, you have people squatting, which is brilliant. We also have so many empty homes, but we don't have the squatting mentality for the healthy homeless--too bad. Regarding stores that follow a crazy weather system--that's your fault, my 4-season friends. All over the world, stores think we live in the UK or NY, so in Miami or my CA or here in Peru, when it's hot, stores offer still clothes for that next season--you were there in the fall, so winter clothes are on offer, but glad you got what you needed. Most of all, I'm just so happy that you had a lovely experience in my country. For your next visit, I'll share tips on fine, cheap hostels, avoiding ATM fees and cheaper transport. Looking forward to your return!
11th March 2016

Shocked your shocked
Wow. We're surprised you are shocked. The figure includes some clothes we purchased at the beginning and 2 buses we did not catch (we missed our LA-SF bus and also memphis to New Orleans as we opted to stay longer). We did not cook once (lazy bones I know). Plus the internal flight to my recollection cost close to $100 when including baggage so taking this out of the equation we spent around $400 for us together. I thought we got some good deals. We could have saved with car hire and by couchsurfing with advance planning for both. We also have a problem in the UK and only today I read an article about new powers and orders coming into place prohibiting certain behavious that can include homeless and begging. This only serves to hide the problem and not address the causes. I do not know much about work in the states addressing this, but as a visitor maybe because the homeless were more vocal in the states, it really stood out to us.

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