Eluthera day three

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June 16th 2011
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This is our third day at Eluthera. Yesterday we drove down to the south end of the island – definitely less upscale and less inhabited. We saw lots of guys just hanging out in front of dilapidated buildings – probably Haitians. Haitians in Bahamas are like the Mexicans in California – we’re told they’ve come there legally and illegally and they do the jobs Bahamins won’t do (or won’t do for as little money). But it was very interesting.

We also saw the Ocean Hole - strange place slightly inland - said to be bottomless and used for free diving competitions.

Today we went out with a real estate agent to see places for sale. Kelly told the guy wemight like to get and fix up a place so the first spot was crazy. He drove us to a spot where a nice house was and the road ended at the jungle with a wire fence. I thought we were going into the nice house but no – we went into the jungle and saw an “estate” that hadn’t been inhabited for ten years. But we forgot to bring machetes so the going was hard to get to the

This is where we had lunch -best conch salad on the island made by a Rasta guy with BIG hair
house – totally overtaken with trees growing inside and the garage – an odd place that looked like a car repair shop and a “pool house” which was hardly visible in the undergrowth though there was an empty swimming pool – totally crazy. After that he took us to better places, but we still got the feeling that stuff is overpriced and coming down fast. Guess we’ll pass for now.

The Bahamas has over 700 islands ands 29 are inhabited. This one seems pretty poor and rustic – our resort is in mid-development but definitely the nicest thing around. Ater the RE agent drive we spent the rest of the day on this beautiful beach. That doesn’t make for exciting blogs, but I’ll try to upload some pics.

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Glass Bottom boatGlass Bottom boat
Glass Bottom boat

This was back in Nassau
Governer's BayGoverner's Bay
Governer's Bay

The town where we are near
Ocean HoleOcean Hole
Ocean Hole

They say this ocean hole inland is bottom less

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