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June 19th 2011
Published: June 20th 2011
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It’s Sunday and we’re here in the Exuma Cays at Fowl Cay. This is a fantastic place – a private cay with six villas on it plus a restaurant / clubhouse and marina. Each villa gets it’s own private beach, golf cart to get around and – best of all – its own boat. The boat is a 19 ft Angler which is a pointed type boat with a motor on the back that’s connected somehow to controls and a steering wheel in a little sitting area in the middle so to drive it you just steer the steering wheel and apply the throttle – super easy. It goes pretty fast too. It also has a Bimini top to keep the sun off.

The island resort was started by a guy who started something called this end up furniture – which I guess was popular in the East – furniture made out of old packing crates. Sounds pretty strange to me, but apparently he made a fortune doing that and then made this tiny resort island. It was more recently bought by the man who owns Sandals resorts who bought it so he could come here for a vacation, and he does. He also rents out the villas and provides first class service. Here’s web site –n http://www.fowlcay.com/. We are in Lindon Villa – the only one with just one bedroom.

Yesterday was the adventure of getting here. You can’t go directly from Eluthera to Exuma by plane so we rode Pineapple Air back to Nassau (a 19 seat airplane). They fly around with the cockpit door open so you can look right down the aisle and see what the pilot sees. One thing I’ve noticed i that they don’t bother to paint lines on the pavement here – not on the roads or the runaways. Still it seems to work though it was hard to get used to driving on the left hand side of the road – especially since most of the cars are from the US and have the drivers side on the left too.; Coming from Nassau to Exuma was even more exciting because that was a nine seat plane –which means four sets of two seats in the cabin and one passenger has to sit in the co-pilot seat.

We’re driving our own boat around through the cays. Have to be careful not to run onto rocks or sand. Great fun. Seen the swimming pigs = very cute. More tomorrow.
Love you.


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