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October 4th 2013
Published: October 4th 2013
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Now I've changed to the Coral Sea although we're not there yet, but it's in the right direction, at least. Don't know why you can't publish a blog without having to choose a sea in the Pacific. We're just heading for the big middle!

Anyway, got to Los Angeles at 8 a.m. yesterday but didn't get permission to disembark for another 2 hours. Glad we had cancelled our LA plans and just stayed close to the ship. We did get off and walked down to the USS Iowa, that is berthed nearby and that is now open for tours. We didn't go aboard because of our visit to the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri in Honolulu. Those are our beginning WWII and ending the war visits on this trip.

Further to our sea wildlife sightings - after we saw the porpoises at lunch the first day out of Seattle, in the late afternoon we were watching the ocean go by in the Crow's Nest (a nice little indoor forward observation point that is one deck below the highest point of the ship) when suddenly there were hundreds of them jumping and playing in the bow waves. They were there for at least 15 minutes. Pretty neat! Walt said he saw a lot of them when he was on duty in the Gulf. They love playing in those bow waves.

Then during dinner, I saw some whale spew going by us about 1/4 mile away. Walt saw it too and we tracked two different spews for a few minutes. They were off the port side going north. We kept hoping for at least a small breach, but only saw the spew. Hopefully we'll have more sightings.

Rough seas last night after we went to bed and it's pretty rocky now, but luckily I seem to have grown some sea legs and am not feeling it and neither is Walt.

While at sea, I've been attending nature lectures (all about the oceans and wildlife in them) and Walt has been attending daily cooking demonstrations in the Culinary Arts center, leaning a bunch of new recipes! They've also had some very interesting techie talks on digital things.

Whoa - just hit a spot that caused us to skitter a bit on the water. Some of these actions are very strange.

More later! Sorry we missed the waving, Laura - we were thinking about you and wishing we were closer to shore!


6th October 2013

Sounds Wonderful
I'm glad you grew those sea legs and I'm sure you get rocked to sleep at night. I love being on the water. Your classes sound great. Sounds like my kind of trip. We just got home from Kentucky saw some beautiful horses and lots of rolling hills and green grass. My doll class was great and so were my classmates. We all had dinner with Barbara, the teacher sat night. For being the outsider I was welcomed with love and learned so much. Hugs to you and can't wait to hear more. Ellen
8th October 2013

re: Aloha!
I'm amazed that you are in Hawaii already. Enjoy!

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