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October 5th 2013
Published: October 4th 2013
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Just realized a whole blog entry didn't get published, so this is an update to what the delay did to our travel itinerary.

First, since we were a day late coming out of Seattle, we were a day late in LA. This means that we have missed our berth date in Hilo and therefore we are not stopping there. So we will not have a chance to see and visit with Hal. We got in touch with him yesterday from LA and we're all very disappointed that we won't be stopping!

Now the ship will be stopping in Lahaina, Maui, instead and then we will only have one day, instead of two, in Honolulu. We were lucky we got our excursion to the Arizona/Missouri changed to that day, because we had originally scheduled it for our first day there.

After we leave Honolulu, we should be back on schedule to Sydney. We found out we are really on two cruises. The first cruise ends in Sydney and many of the people on board will get off there - so we've talked to a lot of Aussies at mealtimes who are actually heading home. The second cruise is the one which will end up taking us to the rest of our Australian ports, Melbourne and Hobart, Tasmania, and then up the coasts of the south and north islands of New Zealand.

Note on our fellow passengers - lots of Aussies, Brits, and Canadians. But a lot of US folk, especially from the West Coast. We actually took on 700 plus passengers in LA in addition to the 1200 we already had on board. Now we are at full capacity and the restaurants are a little more crowded. The chow is very good.


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