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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 6th 2018

Day 5 One of the first things I liked to do when I wake up was to open the curtains and admire the view. Today's view was turquoise and deep blue waters, an island full of palms and some pines and a rusty orange ship that was our introduction to the island of Marè..quaint. We joined a couple we didn't know for breakfast and chatted as you do. It's always nice to make new friends. Packing my larger of the two mermaid tails we took a small boat to the shore and a shuttle bus to Yejele Beach. There wasn't much in the way of tours at Marè. The shuttle ride provided glimpses of crystal clear waters, a few peak caps of white waves brushing against the shore, some magnificent rock/coral formations and plenty of greenery. ... read more
View from our balcony overlooking Marè
Captain Robèy overlooking Marè from deck 10
Beer pong

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 5th 2018

Day 7 and 8 We were headed back to Sydney and although it felt a little like the holiday was almost over we still had 2 more days at sea. There was still lots to do on board and we wanted to make the most of it. We checked out and played a few games. Watched shows and drank cocktails, sunbathed, ate lots and used the time to relax. Nicki and I did a Latin dance class together, which we both enjoyed even if we did look frogs in a blender..and so did everyone else. We may even do more lessons.. we will see.. Kym went missing for about an hour, no one knew where he was. The ship had 2 water slides. The yellow one was open, slow but afforded a view of the oceans ... read more
Km on the swinging day bed overlooking the ocean
Snuggles on a day bed

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 2nd 2018

Day 4 As we hadn't booked a tour from the ship for Nomeau, we got up at a not so god awful time and leisurely ate breakfast before getting changed and taking the free bus into town. Plenty of tours are on offer at half the price as the ones booked on the ship. We did book a hop on hop off bus and water taxi for $30 each. Our first stop was the morning markets and to be honest I would skip. There were more stalls at the visitor info center and that was the free bus ride. We did chat to a local who told us where the brewery was and that was something we wanted to do. It was our third stop (we skipped the second) and a short walk down Lemon Beach ... read more
Mojito Beer cocktail
Water Taxi to Duck island
Cocktails on the beach at Duck Island

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 1st 2018

Day 3 Another day at Sea. We chose the Empire silver service for breakfast. It just meant that I wasn't tempted to overstuff myself... I wanted to attend the ladies pamper session so went early as we had realised that some of the activities filled up fast. There was a semminar before it that I ended up sitting in on about detox and arch support... I'm so rocking this cruise.. anyways the pamper session was a cleanse, tone and moisturize with a quick makeover from something like a Thin Lizzy all in one make up thingy. We did most of it ourselves and of course the whole thing was a plug for the beauty services on board which were higher than normal prices (Adelaide prices anyway) Back at the cabin and spent a bit of time ... read more
My dress
All glammed up
Me and Nicki

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea September 30th 2018

Day 2 I felt a bit sad, today was my father's 2nd anniversary of passing, I didn't want to mourn but wanted to celebrate but the day had a slightly morose feeling, at least for myself. Today was our first official day at sea. When we woke up, I pulled the blinds and watched the vast expanse of the blue grey ocean before us, slightly rough, white peaks showing through. Spooning as you do, we lay in silence, contemplating the expanse of the ocean ad we watched the white peaks and the swell rise and fall... Buffett Brekky... ok buffet not so bad for breakfast.. still ate way more than what I usually ate.. just cause it was there..tasted good, felt full... I read that there were Free Mimosas and that word.. free.. always gets me ... read more
Curt getting frustrated
Chill out on a swinging lounge overlooking the ocean
Cocktail time

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea September 29th 2018

Day 1 An early morning start of 4am to catch the red eye to Sydney saw us tired, however landing in Sydney the excitement increased. Kym and I were appropriately dressed for a cruise. I donned a navy and white nautical inspired outfit right down to my shoes and nails and Kym wore his Captain Hellfire tshirt and 3 quorn pirate hat, which had comments all day about him being Captain Jack Sparrow and his got excited seeing a real pirate. An uber shared between the four of us and we were at Circular Quay. Dropping off our suitcases at the terminal we had a few hours to kill before boarding and walked to the Opera House and bought our first celebratory drinks overlooking our cruise ship and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The warm sun felt ... read more
Mermaid pic near room
First sunset
Cocktail, popcorn and movie

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea August 15th 2018

Wednesday Sea Day We are now managing to sleep until 8am, breakfast goes until 10-30am so it's not an issue. Very lumpy seas developed during the night, with sick bags attached to all the elevator handrails when we emerged this morning, we really have a sway happening. The crew recommend going easy on water and eating apples to combat sea sickness. Sea days for some people mean a day to lie out in the sun, for ourselves from Qld, we find the aircon and hang out. I had a go at Speed Sudoku today, was 3/4 way through when the person finished, the game was listed as challenging which I managed easily, I've come a long way in three years from not being able to do Sudoku at all to getting tough ones done. In the ... read more
My stateroom favourite spot
Deck 6 was a little wet today
Back of the ship selfie

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea August 13th 2018

Monday Gizo Island required tenders and with a 2.5'metre swell and a choppy blustery sea the decision was made to cancel our island stop. The information was piped into the cabin by the captain early morning with the advice that safety was paramount. Imagine people going over by tender and not being able to get back on board due to deteriorating weather.So we did a lazy 3 hour loop of the island and set sail for Honiara.Pablo the cruise director then came over the intercom to tell of of the new sea day arrangements. A new what's on sheet was issued, outdoor decks closed and most people seemed content with the changes. Celebrity mugshot, trivia, dingbat, battle of the sexes, and the funniest game of celebrity heads kept us amused all day between eating and drinking ... read more
Hotly contested bean bag toss
Louis Entertainment team member
Sunset at sea

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea August 12th 2018

Sunday Sea Day Rough seas greeted my walk around deck 6, so much so that later they closed the promenade deck for a while and relocated the smokers who had a small section of this deck up to deck 10. Deck 12 also has a small smoking section. But in a passenger complement of 1500, at any time there is only about a dozen or so people smoking. The age demographic of this cruise is swayed toward the mid 60's to 80's, not many kids or families or young ones. Today being a sea day it's about activities and food.Flags of The World was fast and furious, less than 2 minutes for 10 flags. Cruise director trivia was fun, bordering on the naughty with Pablo in fine form. We have joined up occasionally with Phillip and ... read more
Sunset at Sea
Someone has to do it
Hotly contested bean bag challenge

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea August 8th 2018

WednesdaySea Day This started with me walking 5 laps of deck6 which is the only longish walking area. 2.5 laps are 1km, quite a few walkers enjoying the breeze and sea spray, with the ship hooting along on its way to PNG. We were joined at breakfast by Norma and her daughter from Eden which is on the Sth coast of NSW. Lively elderly people, used to cruising, having a great time. Today was the joining in day. Shuffle board where I placed 1st out of 8 people, table tennis where I was runner up in quite a fierce comp, and then Karaoke tonight where I sang 3 songs. My usual The Rose and then 2 others. Ocean bar is the place for many of our activities, which today included 3 games of trivia, one evening ... read more
Shuttle board fun
Shuttle board champion
Whiskey tasting class

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