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November 6th 2012
Published: November 6th 2012
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There is no question that people have strong political convictions. Even on holiday. And when there is a presidential election happening, those feelings get escalated. Not a good combination, especially when you are at sea for a five day run and alcohol is abundant. Things are getting very heated. I have tried to steer clear of those conversations but somehow I end up getting sucked in. I feel there is nothing more I can do except wait for the results. I have cast my vote and mailed it in, as my shipmates have. Even if you change your mind, your vote is cast, so arguing is a moot point. It is my impression that Americans are in the minority on this ship. The English, Kiwis and Aussies are very interested in our election and ask many questions. They realize our election has a impact/ripple effect on them. So they are very curious about our reasoning and logic. They are also fascinated to listen to the conversations between the Americans. I had one Kiwi couple and one Aussie couple watch a conversation between me and a lovely lady by the name of Barbara from Sacramento. A democrat. We are completely opposed on our views but have become fast friends. This astonished our new friends from down under. How can we be friends, and have such different convections? Easy, we are Americans. We live and die for freedom and independence. It is the same when people have different religious beliefs. Just because people believe differently that is no reason not to be friendly. I find people that will not associate with you because a difference of opinion, narrow minded. It seems they only want to surround themselves with people to believe as they do. Well how can you be open to change if you don't listen? No one is 100% correct about everything. I have changed many of my political convections after talking and listening to people. Me now being pro choice one of them. I still don't believe abortion is the right thing to do, but I don't believe I have the right to say no to someone that chooses to have one. For instance, I was speaking to one lady today, a democrat, that would like to see more social reform in America. I said I did not believe her. If she was going to talk the talk, she needs to walk the walk. She didn't understand what I meant. So I explained that if she wanted more socialism in America she needed to be and act like a socialist, and that means she has no business being on such a luxurious holiday. But she felt she "earned" this vacation. LOL. With that statement I saw a lightbulb. I ensured her she did earn her vacation and her choice as an American to spend her funds in the manor she wished. But if she truly believed her pervious statement, the latter statement would not be made until EVERY American could sail. I doubt her convictions have changed, but she did hear a perspective she would not have not heard if she was not open to speaking with a republican. Also she was surprised to learn that I am an advocate for gay marriage. She didn't think a republican could do that. LOL I have no idea of what is going on in the states now. Being out in the middle of the South Pacific we have very sporadic satellite connection. Which is marvelous. Except when I am trying to download my email. In fact from here on out, I plan to go on vacation, out of the US, for every presidential election. But I know as the election results come in, I will be informed. So I ask my friends to help keep me posted. Especially on our senate race between Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona. So please no matter your political position, get out and vote if you hadn't done so already. But if you don't vote, you take what you get and be quite about it. Because you choose not to voice your opinion where it really mattered. So talking about it is only blowing hot air and serves no purpose. More later


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