Pollywog to Shellback

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November 5th 2012
Published: November 5th 2012
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Polliwog to Shellback
One of the reason we decided to choose this cruise itinerary is because we will become "Shellbacks". When I was becoming certified as a cruise agent through CLIA I learned about it and said that, that was for me. So some of you maybe asking, "what is a Shellback"? A Shellback is a person that sails over the equator. There is a ceremony, "The Court of Neptune". It is held by every ship on the high seas whenever they cross the equator. One of the attributes I love most is, it does not matter where you rank, if you are but a Pollywog you must participate. From meek young ensign to admiral of the fleet. I have read about the different types of ceremonies. Some of the hard core naval ones consisted of beatings and humiliation that would make a dominatrix proud. To the cruise ship ones that tend to be playful and messy. I anticipate that they will not "force" the passengers to participate, but I intend to. The mildest YouTube video I saw was the cruise director had the passengers limbo under a ribbon while his assistant used a spray bottle to wet them as they went under. Others made a pool and poured fish broth over the passengers. I know silly, but tradition nonetheless. And tradition on the high seas is important. I am not going to be one to offend the god Neptune. For more information feel free to Google Pollywog to Shellback. But I will give a full report of our ceremony after it happens next week.


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