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November 9th 2012
Published: November 9th 2012
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Ship life
Here we are a week into our 19 night voyage and everything is in full swing. Everybody has pretty much found their groove. This is why I think a seven night cruise is too short. It takes a few days to settle in. The passengers are now accustomed to the ship and where things are. People know one another now. I can walk from one end of the pool deck to the other and catch people waving and smiling to me. The crew now addresses me by "Miss Eileen" which I prefer, opposed to "Madame", which I loathe. I can walk up to most bars now and they know I am going to want my caffeine free diet coke. The crew's mantra is "let me take care of you". Giving me permission to be pampered is like telling a monkey to swing through the trees in the jungle. Life is wonderful. Dang the sun is hot here. Being from Phoenix, I know hot and the effects of the sun. I never "sun bathe", I shade sit. And really grateful I don't layout. The sun here is like an accelerated tanning bed. And with only water around, the reflected surface magnifies the effect. I have never seen sun poisioning like I have seen here. People that lay out for such a short time are getting covered in yellow blisters. I wish I had aloe to hand out. I also know cruising. This is our 26th cruise. And if you are going to be in a confined vessel you need to keep your hands clean. Some people have gotten ill. There is the sweetest guy, the guest have named him "Mr. Washy Washy". He stands outside the elevators at the entry of the food buffet, with a cheerful smile and a huge bottle of Purelle. He squirts a dollop into your hands as you walk out with "Good Morning, it is time to washy washy, squishy squishy, cleanie, cleanie, makes you happy happy. If you get sick, no happy happy". After he gets everyone coming out of the elevators, he sings to the passengers waiting for the elevator. You Are My Sunshine"or the Village People's "In the Navy" marching around all the while. There are four elevators in this bank. He has named each one, Royal Class, First Class, Coach and No Class. And has a joke for each one. This man has one of the most important jobs on the ship and he brings so much joy doing. We all love "Mr. Washy Washy". Tomorrow Pago Pago. I hope to share many fun and interesting items after my time in the village. Until then...


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