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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea April 30th 2018

American samoa: 4-22-2018 Pago Pago American Samoa Sau 12AM se la ngay Chu Nhat 4-22-2018. Nhu vay chu nhat 4-22-2018 se co 24hrs +3hrs=27 gio. Sang nay luc 6AM du thuyen se di qua International Date Line. Du thuyen se den American Somoa luc 9AM. Thang 4-2016 toi dinh di den dao American Samoa khi toi o dao Samoa tren Thai Binh Duong nhung vi con bao bat ngo xay ra nen cac chuyen bay deu ngung lai va toi khong di duoc. Bay gio co cruise di den day nen toi voi vang ghi danh de di. Thu do cua dao nay la Pago Pago nam tren Thai Binh Duong. Rong 197km bang 1/1500 Vietnam voi dan so la 55,000 nguoi nen song dong duc. Moi nguoi kiem duoc $600/thang. Dai khoang 20km va rong ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea March 24th 2014

Queen Mary Day 11 - who knows where we are. Woke up rather late as sun did not rise until after 7.00 a.m. Looked outside and saw quite a few fishing vessels and fishing buoys for their nets. We had a late breakfast enjoyed with a couple who boarded in Southampton and who return to Southampton in May, a total of 113 days. They said the trip was to escape the English winter. Just wandered around the decks this morning before lunch. After lunch a trip to the gym for Phillip after which he went to an Apple MAC presentation which was quite educational. Dinner was magnificent as usual, and afterwards a piano recital was held in the Royal Theatre. Beautiful playing and enjoyed by the audience. The boat is rocking a little and seems like ... read more
QM2 Day 11
QM2 Day 11
QM2 Day 11

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea November 20th 2012

After being on this ship for a little more than a fortnight we have formed a little group of friends. We gravitate together everyday and chat about all the fun activities we have done. So when our new friend, we will call him "Ken", because that is his name, heard about the hypnotist show, he wanted go and volunteer. So we said we would be his support team. We all met a half hour before the show at our normal perch and walked into the show room together. There were 21 chairs displayed on the stage and then the hypnotist walked out after a flamboyant introduction from our cruise director. He asked for volunteers and we were all very vocal in getting attention for Ken. Ken made his way on stage and the hypnotist approached me ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea November 19th 2012

Apparently I have an accent and it is a thick one, I am told. So as we sail "across the Ditch" I thought I would share a few. Jumper/sweat shirt, bloke/gentleman, mate/friend, umbrella/brolly, brilliant/amazing, lift/elevator, alone/on your own, truck or car/boot, hood/bonnet, crazy/mad, Swim suit/ togs or bathing costume, I get it, I do NOT speak English. I speak American. I usually say "how ya' doin'?" Or "y'all" I am a "mom" not a "mum" and I inspire to be a "grandma" not a "nan". These are just so fun difference we have all be joking about while I have been onboard with our new friends. But hanging out with my new Aussie, Kiwi and British cousins, I have had to change some of my language to be understood. And I have had to completely cut ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea November 17th 2012

What an amazing place. Worth the trip down all the way. The ocean is so beautiful here. The people are even more lovely. We chose a shore excursion that was going to give us many different things. First we boarded a nice motor coach and drove about an hour to Rototura. The drive was very nice with grazing sheep, cows and horses in rolling mountains that provided many snap shot opportunities. Once we arrived in city of Rotorua we boarded WWII amphibious water crafts, called "Ducks" and rode in those through the local parks. We also received duck calls so we could quack as we drove around. very annoying and fun. And then we splashed into two lakes. Our driver was entertaining and even played the mission impossible theme as we went onto the water. We ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea November 13th 2012

Suva, Fiji has a piece of my heart. Bula from Fiji. This is an amazing chunk of earth. The natives are very proud and loving people that instantly grabbed my heart. Today we were transported in the best island busses I have seen in a long while to the village of Navua, where we were all treated like family. We were escorted into the gathering house to witness a Kava Ceremony, also know as the yagona. The men and women were segregated from each other. They explained that is because they are a male dominated society. And made no apology for it even though some women were not to pleased with their claim. After the ceremony they provided us with entertainment that included them dancing and chanting. I find the further south we travel the native ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea November 10th 2012

Pago Pago America Samoa Talofa- from Pago Pago. Pronounced Pango Pango. The "G" is pronounced with the "N" sound as well. November 9th, 2012is a rainy day on the island. Our ship arrived early in the morning to many waves from happy smiles from the locals with energetic music that made you want to dance. I found America Samoa a conflicted island with much potential. The inhabitants are either Catholic or Mormon LDS. But yet hold their island heritage and belief of their gods in their hearts. They can only marry with permission from their local chief. They wish for higher education but only have a community college with a 2 year Associate Degree. And with very limited enrollment. They praise their island to be pristine, but there is garbage every where. They don't have a ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea November 9th 2012

Ship life Here we are a week into our 19 night voyage and everything is in full swing. Everybody has pretty much found their groove. This is why I think a seven night cruise is too short. It takes a few days to settle in. The passengers are now accustomed to the ship and where things are. People know one another now. I can walk from one end of the pool deck to the other and catch people waving and smiling to me. The crew now addresses me by "Miss Eileen" which I prefer, opposed to "Madame", which I loathe. I can walk up to most bars now and they know I am going to want my caffeine free diet coke. The crew's mantra is "let me take care of you". Giving me permission to be ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea April 3rd 2011

In November 2010, Carson and Deb took a trip to the Philippines to do some scuba diving. We flew into Manila, then traveled overland to the southern shore of Luzon Island where we boarded a water taxi to Mindoro Island and the small beach town of Puerto Galera. Shimmering seas and lush mountains surround the small town and three cove shaped beaches, all called Sabang. The boat harbor and our hotel are on the largest. The Atlantis Dive Resort catered to our every need. From small swimming pool, spa, massages, internet, beachside bar and fantastic restaurant, we found we never had to leave the grounds. The staff were incredibly friendly, everyone was on a first name basis. For Carson the diving was fantastic. The coral is still pristine in these waters. The Resorts Master Divers took ... read more
Atlantis Dive Resort
Puerto Galera Harbor
Rainbows all Day

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