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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Tyrrhenian Sea January 7th 2022

We got our first ship-to-shore call from Maggie today. If we need to call her, it will be $4 a minute! But thankfully, she can purchase calling cards on board for a much more reasonable price (about $5 per hour). It was great to hear her voice, though we do miss FaceTime and seeing her. She's started classes, and says Global Studies is going to be great because it's totally geared toward Semester at Sea and she loves SAS! She will also be taking World Music, Oceanography, and Introduction to Global Theatre. Her biggest news is that everyone on board is experiencing seasickness....except her! Not sure where she got her sea legs, but she's very grateful she is currently being spared the symptoms her shipmates are enduring right now. She did say that the constant rocking ... read more

Today was very windy outside we are at sea all day so the pools and shops and restaurants are packed with people, good job we have our secluded area where there are very few people, Lexie found the waterslide and I found the shops yay! she didn't stay too long because she said it got too crowded so we went up top to the One Pool (yacht club only) and her and Margot spent all day in the pool (salt water) and jacuzzi, I went shopping and kept getting lost, Mal sat with Jonathan and David, they are very nice. We looked after Margot while they went off to the spa to have a rest. We went to the talent quest, they run a children's programme while at sea, then we played mini bowling and went ... read more
Our pool area
Water slide
The water slide

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Tyrrhenian Sea September 10th 2012

Sunday – Embarkation Day After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel we taxied to the port and were on board and in our room before noon. There were balloons on the door and flowers in the room and a bottle on Champaign from our dear friends Bob and Beverly. Our cabin location is very convenient, just steps from the elevator and stairs. We enjoyed lunch in the dining room with Jane & Dwayne (I kid you not) retired air force personal then wandered about the ship, checked out the gym, the pools and the buffet and when we got back to the cabin our suitcases were there. We were unpacked and settled in by 2:00. The emergency drill is mandatory now and we were not dismissed until all cabins were accounted for. ANYONE who refuses to ... read more

Well I have been keeping a notepad to write interesting things in so I have something to talk about. Unfortunately, for the first week after my previous blog not a single interesting thing happened in my life. So I’ll fast forward to the 8th of June. Think about this for a moment; when an anchor comes off the bottom it brings with stuff from the sea. This normally ends up being clay, mud, and of course; water. So to deal with this, the bottom of the chain locker is perforated to allow all these things to drop clear of the chain. From time to time this space needs to be cleaned. A small hatch is the only entry into this god forsaken space. 20 inches tall, full of girders and spaces hardly large enough to fit ... read more
FC Barca Gear
Golden Ball

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