First Ship to Shore Call

Published: January 7th 2022
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We got our first ship-to-shore call from Maggie today. If we need to call her, it will be $4 a minute! But thankfully, she can purchase calling cards on board for a much more reasonable price (about $5 per hour). It was great to hear her voice, though we do miss FaceTime and seeing her.

She's started classes, and says Global Studies is going to be great because it's totally geared toward Semester at Sea and she loves SAS! She will also be taking World Music, Oceanography, and Introduction to Global Theatre.

Her biggest news is that everyone on board is experiencing seasickness....except her! Not sure where she got her sea legs, but she's very grateful she is currently being spared the symptoms her shipmates are enduring right now. She did say that the constant rocking motion of the boat makes it hard to stay awake in class. Hmmm....excuses, excuses.

They have an activity fair tonight, where she will stand up in front of the entire student body and plug her Board Games Club. She's also excited to see what other clubs other students form that she might join.

She said she won't be able to send pictures until she's in a port, and we made a hard sell for prioritizing that task in every port from now on! They are scheduled to get to Pireas, Greece (very near Athens) next Wednesday, 1/12, so we probably won't have many updates between now and then as she adjusts to life on the ship, her two roommates, and settling into a new routine. But she seems to be enjoying herself so far, and most importantly, said she is definitely starting to connect with new people and make friends. After two and a half years of college without any close college friends due to COVID, that is really the biggest benefit we hope this trip will bring!

Stay tuned for more tales from the sea as we hear them!


11th January 2022

Sounds like SAS is Rock’in!!
Have a great time Maggie! Love that rocking feeling, but try and stay awake. Looks like you’ll always be bored though..Game Board that is!! Congrats!!

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