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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Aegean Sea November 13th 2012

Col and I have been a tad slack the last couple of days as I noticed we haven't blogged since Montenegro. We have had a wonderful time we have been to Brindisi in Italy, Corfu and today Katakalon in Greece. I will update my blog sometime maybe now when we get home and I will down load some photos also. Tomorrow morning we arrive in Athens and will catch our flight to Dubai, we will be there a couple of nights and then homeward bound. We have had a marvellous time, today we spent time at the Ancient site of the Olympics which was fascinating we saw where they light the flame each Olympics and many of the ruins are still very visible. Col and I continue to pinch ourselves we are so fortunate to be ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Aegean Sea April 11th 2012

Odessa to Athens Odessa was very cold. I think someone said it was in the low thirties. Luckily, we had decided to go to the ballet, so we were not too cold even though the building was not very warm. The ballet was really very good and we enjoyed it. The city itself is about one step up from Constanta, Romania. The Potemkin steps are quite a sight as an entrance to the city from the port. The buildings are beautiful, but need cleaning and some repair. However, it is wealthier than Constanta although both are large sea ports on the Black Sea. Odessa is larger. From there we cruised through the Dardanelles, a beautiful, narrow strait leading to the Bosporus and past Istanbul, in the daylight. We then reentered the Mediterranean Sea and headed to ... read more

This morning was a comparatively early rising day at 7:30 AM (even after adjusting the clocks ahead last night). We think that would make it 3:30 in the morning for any sleepy heads back in St Louis. Today‘s schedule is similar to the past few days – eat a lot, visit some entertainment spots, and generally relax all day. It may be starting to sound boring to you, but it is very restful for us. Soon we will begin the excursions at different places and the stories should become more interesting again. Rather than tell you eah thing we did do today, maybe it would be better to tell you about some of the things we did not do. There are many venues which we have not mentioned because we either were not interested or did ... read more
Ice Cream Stand

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Aegean Sea November 13th 2008

After three hectic days in Egypt and Israel, a day cruising the Mediterranean was a welcome respite. Unfortunately about a third of our group seems to be experiencing the 24 hour gastroenteritis bug which seems to be going around the ship. If reported to the clinic on board everyone with these symptoms is quarantined in their staterooms for 24 hours, so most choose not to report their symptoms. The weather is cooling down some and a chilly wind arose in the afternoon because we are now heading in a northerly direction. Those who were stuck in their staterooms could watch BBC news, Bloomberg News, CNN, old repeats of the Love Boat—featuring the 1970s version of the Pacific Princess. They do run movies like An Affair to Remember, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and more recent movies. ... read more

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