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November 13th 2012
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Col and I have been a tad slack the last couple of days as I noticed we haven't blogged since Montenegro. We have had a wonderful time we have been to Brindisi in Italy, Corfu and today Katakalon in Greece.

I will update my blog sometime maybe now when we get home and I will down load some photos also. Tomorrow morning we arrive in Athens and will catch our flight to Dubai, we will be there a couple of nights and then homeward bound.

We have had a marvellous time, today we spent time at the Ancient site of the Olympics which was fascinating we saw where they light the flame each Olympics and many of the ruins are still very visible.

Col and I continue to pinch ourselves we are so fortunate to be able to travel as we have.

Yesterday we arrived in Corfu and we went on a tour watch this space for more details and we ended up in the old town, we love Corfu. We found a wonderful restuarant just off the main plaza and had the very best Traziki dip and pork yiros we have ever had it was yummo and a pint of greek beer it seems it only comes in one size you don't even have to ask for them to upsize it. It also allowed us to connect with our emails again which was awesome.

After enjoying the greek hospitality which is so warm and friendly we walked down the main stretch and went in and had a fish spa... can you believe it on Corfu island they have a fish spa where you wash your feet and then place your feet in a fish tank full of little fish that suck the dry skin of your feet and legs and stimulate the blood supply to the feet and lower legs. It was a wierd feeling, I giggled alot as those that know me know that I have ticklish feet so there we were sitting in Corfu have our feet being sucked by little fish.. the things you do when on holidays, we felt like we were floating on air for a little while aftet this was finished.

After some more shopping, we then set out with an hr to go to walk to the ship that a local had told us was 20 minutes away... mmmmm a very big 20 minutes away we could see the ship and time was ticking away very fast. We arrived at security with 15 minutes to go and as we were the last 2 passengers due back on board the security guard gave us a lift to the ship.. very funny....

Tonights the last night we are on board, we have packed our bags and put them out for collection, enjoyed a fabulous meal and are about to go to the show. Azamara Cruises are incredible they have excelled as far as we are concerned with everything we have had a great time visiting all the countries and participating in those things on shore..

I look forward to updating you all on our travels, in the mean time we say goodbye until the next time we can get connected up.


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