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David Garvin

North America » United States » Missouri » Florissant June 7th 2011

Our travels are over for this vacation and we returned home about a week ago. We have generally recovered from our jet lag and the colds we caught (our doctor’s prescribed antibiotics and we are feeling considerably better now). We have also had the opportunity to go through more than 2000 photos that we took during the trip, and we have posted a few more than 100 of them as attachments to the blog entries. There were a couple of days when we did not take any pictures, but there are at least a few on most days. You should be able to use the NEXT and PREVIOUS links in the blog if you are interested in going back to view the associated pictures with our various stories. Some additional information – Travel by train in ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Florissant May 31st 2011

Today we bid farewell to jolly old England. Travel time to the airport, along with some paperwork to avoid paying VAT taxes, plus the usual security checks and being certain to get to the airport in time, all resulted in a 5:30 start for this morning. We gain 6 hours on the clock once we get home, so we are going to be tired by the time locals are having lunch. This 30-hour day doesn’t have the same appeal as the 25 hours days during our cruise last Fall. We had everything packed and had a arranged for a cab at 6:15, so we got started fine – EXCEPT that the elevator was turned off and we might have had to lug the bags up the stairs. But the Desk Clerk was able to get it ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 30th 2011

Today was our final day of touring on this vacation. This turned out to be a Bank Holiday, so lots of people were off work and visiting places, along with us. Since we fly home tomorrow, we did as much as we could on this final day anyway. Janet’s knee was stiff this morning, but with a little pain medication and a lot of determination, we did the day’s tours as planned. We had arranged for the tour to pick us up at the Holiday Inn hotel across the street from our quaint English hotel. There is obviously a huge difference but we enjoyed our exposure to more traditional English lodging. Anyway, the bus picked us up, and after a couple more hotel stops, we were delivered to the main Grayline Golden Tours center outside Victoria ... read more
Janet & David
London Eye
Buckingham Palace

Our first formal tours of London were focused on Windsor Castle and on Hampton Court. The biggest difference between them is that Windsor was built as a fort and after creating the very fortified walls it was then embellished inside to be one of the homes of the king/queen. That needs to be contrasted with Hampton Court which was built as a palace for courtiers to have an elaborate lifestyle but being mildly fortified to resist any disorganized rabble but not to withstand an army. So those are the two main things we saw today. The skies were intermittently cloudy/sunny, but there was a wind which made it kind of cool today. Let’s start with breakfast. David had the classic English breakfast and Janet had the Continental Breakfast, both served in the hotel breakfast room. We ... read more
Windsor Castle
Tony - our guide
Moat - at Windsor Castle

If this is Saturday then we must be back in England. With everything we have been doing, it sure seems like longer than one week since we got off the ship. We have really packed a lot into this vacation. This morning we got to sleep in a little (7:30) in Paris before going down to the hotel breakfast. This was check-out day but only the first time we had gone to see their “restaurant”. It is in the basement and is accessible only by descending the typical 400 year old stone stairs into the cellar. Janet did not like it –said it was dirty and moldy. The food was a typical continental breakfast with coffee/tea, juice, and croissants with a tray of sliced ham and cheese - nothing like a classic American breakfast. We got ... read more
Textiles Exhibit is Closed

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 27th 2011

If it is Friday, then we must be in the Loire Valley. High level – we were picked up at our hotel at 6:30 this morning and return to our hotel about 8:15 this evening and in between we saw some pretty spectacular places. Since we had such an early start, we set the Palm Pilot and hoped it would have enough juice to run through the night (tried to charge it but without success). But it worked and we were up bright and early so a day which was mostly sunny, but occasionally cloudy with a couple of sprinkles here and there. It was cooler than the before and probably could have been a long-sleeve shirt day, but who knew? Our first impression was wrong. We had signed up for the Loire Valley Tour with ... read more
Chenonceau Chateau
Gardens outside Chenonceau
Grand Walkway

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 26th 2011

Today was our first of two full days in Paris. It was very busy and we are pretty tired. Tomorrow will be another long day, so this blog entry may be a little short. We started by using the palm pilot as an alarm clock because there is no clock in the hotel room. We had also left a wake-up call, but it did not come until 30 minutes late, so it was a good thing we were able to get ourselves up anyway. We took the Metro from a stop that is near our hotel, made a connection which involved a whole lot of walking and stairs, and arrived on the street where our tour said to be about an hour early. We went down the street and found the place, exchanged our paperwork for ... read more
Rose Window
Notre Dame
Arch de Triumph

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 25th 2011

Hello from Paris. First let’s give a couple of updates before reporting today’s adventure. David has gotten the sniffles but is managing them with some Allegra. Janet’s allergy is getting better – she still has occasional coughing spells and feels tired because of not sleeping too well, but she is better than yesterday. Here is a great big THANK YOU to Mike & Sue for their very generous hospitality while we visited in Germany. They provided a very comfortable, spacious room for us to stay in, provided many delicious and diverse meals for us to eat, and shuttled us all over the countryside (even though they had to take 2 cars – double the gas – to accommodate all 6 of us). There were more places that they wanted to show us, but we just did ... read more
Gare du Nord
Inside Gare du Nord

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt May 24th 2011

Hello again from Germany. Janet says that she does not have a cold but is just suffering from allergies (probably triggered by the variety of pollens during yesterday’s flower show). Regardless, she is not feeling too well today, so we are taking a day off from touring and just having a final day to visit with the family. There are lots of places that we could go see, but we will just have to save some sights for another time. Yesterday, Maggie and Jessica got to skip school to come with us to Koblenz, but today they had to go back to school. But we did get to visit with them after they returned from school. Sue took David out to the AF base Laundromat this morning and now we have a full set of clean ... read more

Europe » Germany » Brandenburg » Frankfurt May 23rd 2011

Hello from Germany again. We continue to have a couple of days to visit the Mike & Sue Dolan. We are still doing tourist items, but also have some family time too. We slept in today and then had another good breakfast. Mike took David to run some errands, with the first one being a trip to the bank to get a fist full of Euros from the ATM. Then we went to the train station to buy a couple of tickets for our trip to Paris on Wednesday. Fortunately there was a very helpful person who helped us operate the machine and issue the ticket (could have been pretty difficult otherwise since everything was in German). We have been able to call the tour agency and have reconfirmed our Paris tours for Thursday and Friday. ... read more
Fortress Ehrenbreitstein
Cable Cars over the Rhine
Floral Displays in fortress

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