Thanksgiviing at Sea

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November 26th 2009
Published: November 27th 2009
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Well today is Thanksgiving and we’re at sea. I got up early to go mass which was in the main showroom. Then went back to the cabin to get Lin and head up to the Lido for breakfast. She went out to sit on the promenade deck while I went to the cabin to give my fiancé a call. Then I headed to the Queen’s lounge for the Mariner reception. There weren’t nearly as many people as I expected there. There was one couple with 700 days and 2 with 300. The only medals presented were to a couple who had 100 days and one woman with the same who wasn’t there. So most of the rest of us must have been in the 100-300 range. They headed to the Dining room for Brunch so I broke away to find Lin. We sat with a very nice couple from upstate NY. Lunch was a choice of salmon, quiche or beef wellington.
After lunch we headed down to the shops. They were having a sale on the signature stuff and Lin had to have a “dam” TShirt and I looked at the amber stuff to see what to use my bingo credit on. We bought a few things than she headed out to sit in her favorite deck place while I went to the casino for a bit. Didn’t do too bad and think I’m actually even or up a few bucks at this point for the week. It was then time for the Win a Cruise Bingo but I had horrible cards for that one. One card didn’t get a number called till after 20 balls.

I did some pre-packing and we relaxed a bit before getting ready for dinner. Tonight was another formal night and we’d made arrangements to meet one of the couples we ate with on Sun at 8:00. The open seating line was a bit long when we got down there and we were about 10 mins early so I got in line but it moved pretty quickly and they weren’t there yet. The couple behind me wouldn’t go in front of me and they wouldn’t give me a table till we were all there and told me I’d have to go to the back of the line again. So we did and the couple showed up shortly after that. It moved fairly quickly. They had a few of the girls from the Tamerand helping out in the Dining Room because it was so busy. They had maps with the table numbers since they weren’t used to where things were. We were seated at the back of the ship with a view of the wake which was nice. Another couple of women joined us shortly thereafter. The service was a bit slow due to how crowded it was. Everyone but Lin ordered the turkey (she ordered a steak). Mine was ok (certainly not the best I’ve ever had) and the others were pretty disappointed in it. One wanted some meat on a bone but they used the boneless turkeys so that wasn’t possible. The worst part was they didn’t have anything chocolate on the dessert menu but they did let me order vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

We then headed up to the Mainstage for the cast show called NightLife. It was very good. The male singers in this cast are excellent.


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