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April 11th 2022
Published: April 12th 2022
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Monday, April 11, 2022

At Sea

WOW. Once again, another rough night of rocking and rolling. We are at sea all day today, so we gotta grin and bear it. Interesting, when we look out at the seas, they don’t look too menacing, so I have a feeling it has to do with the way we are traversing over the waves – which is really unsettling. Walking is actually hazardous to one’s health.

It’s a “nice” day today, but NOT great, a little chilly. We spent the day playing rummykub – Christopher cleaned my clock. It happens, rarely, but it happens.

Tonight, we have our third World Club party. It will be interesting to hear this particular cruises’ statistics. The ship has not stopped rolling from side to side ALL day long. During the party, there were a few sneaker waves which were QUITE high … we heard a LOUD crash from the bar. I’m sure it didn’t end well for that barware.

So – the statistics are indeed interesting…Either we had erroneous information, or 30 passengers have left the cruise…we’re down to 550 – with 750 crew! Unclear – I’m thinking we had some bad intel.

We left the party early – in Horizons, the motion of the ship is enhanced – and I just had to get out of there. Dinner in the GDR. I had pasta as did Christopher – I think we’ve shocked the waitstaff, they all want to feed us as if we’re starving. CLEARLY, we are NOT!!!

The “trio” was wonderful. They played the Theme to Cinema Paradiso. LOVE that music. Morricone was a musical genius – his music always “touches” me. By the time they finished playing, I was wiping tears from my eyes. Such a beautiful melody.

OK…reality time…something is going on aboard this tub, and no one is talking. We haven’t seen our Butler in a few days. One member of the quartet is “on Gran Canaria and quarantined” – WHY? Covid? Norovirus? WHAT’S HAPPENING?? None of our business. We are masked in public and ACTUALLY know how to wear them! I cannot believe the number of people who have it below their nose, or inside out, or not wearing it at all in public spaces. Over it. Protect yourself and others, wear the darned mask properly. Not hard, really!

Took me forever to get to sleep, but eventually sleep came and was quite welcomed.


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