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April 12th 2022
Published: April 12th 2022
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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Las Palmas, Gran Canarias

Another gorgeous sun filled day. The Canary Islands have not disappointed. Point of fact – they have been MOST interesting and impressive. We are smitten.

Here, in Las Palmas we find the most commercial, developed and populated of the islands. Nothing to raise one’s nose at. It’s all beautiful.

We disembarked and managed to walk, and walk, and walk some more. We wandered around the somewhat deserted city streets on an early Sunday morning. We saw many carrying Olive branches (as opposed to Palm fronds) on this Palm Sunday. We thought much would be closed, but with a few ships in port – the city was, for the most part, open.

At first, we meandered through the narrow streets eventually ending up on the promenade, beach side. In the distance, a rather imposing “brutalist” interpretation of a lighthouse is the city’s Performance Hall. CLEARLY designed in the 80’s postmodern heyday – it is interesting to look at, but not much more than a box trying to be a lighthouse. I’d be curious to see what it looks like in the inside (and naturally – the acoustics). Perhaps another time.

We just walked. Of course, we looked for “the shirt” – no luck. Perhaps he should just get it online! Just sayin’.

We ended up walking a total of six (6) miles today. My feet have the blisters to prove it. I’m not certain WHY I have the blisters. These shoes were fine for me in Chicago. Don’t understand. Maybe my feet too have gained weight…. now THAT would be a travesty.

We didn’t do much else on shore – we certainly enjoyed what we saw and hope to return in the future (I can ALMOST guarantee it). Back on board we had a light lunch and just recovered from our walk. We went on the pool deck, had our books open and read (or slept as the case may be). We both managed a turn in the whirlpool so unknot some rather knotted muscles and relax some truly taxed feet.

Dinner tonight is in Polo. OK…may sound harsh…. growing weary of Polo. Limited menu, almost ALL meat. Not much in the way of interesting specials. First world problems. Are we spoiled? I’d say perhaps.

We hemmed and hawed over the menu, nothing in the least sounded interesting. We overheard a woman ordering a “Princess Cut of Prime Rib” – 7 ounces. OK, we can SHARE that. And we did, with a shared baked potato and green beans. Quite good paired with a Duckhorn Merlot.

Down to 6 for the Bellissima Quartet (which is a trio now). WHY. WHY do people have annoying interruptive conversations while these women are playing their hearts out? It’s RUDE. It’s FAR WORSE than rude. I just don’t understand people. There are PLENTY of places for people to have a conversation – they ONLY play in one location immediately following dinner – go have the conversation elsewhere. Amiright?

OK…they broke for the evening, which is our sign to retire to our room.


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