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April 9th 2022
Published: April 9th 2022
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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Arricife, Lanzarotta, Canary Islands

Looking out over our veranda, the landscape resembles a lunar scene. Barren. Mountainous. Almost no trees off in the distance. So stark. Hmm. Should we even disembark? Well, we should give it a try, right?

Boy…. are we glad we did. We have found an appreciation for the Canaries – perhaps a love? Absolutely unexpected, and gorgeous in its simplicity. Lanzarotta is dotted with over 100 volcanos, so there’s a LOT of pumice all over the place. Also used in some construction and artistic expressions.

We walked about five or so miles today and enjoyed each and every step. We started with the natural lagoon, just outside the marina. The small row boats littered the lagoon at what is probably a very low tide. Painted in a variety of colors with wonderful names, some double entendre and others perhaps a lover’s name. Delightful.

I have an observation about the islands – I’ve noticed more Optical stores on both of the Canary Islands we’ve experienced thus far than ANY other location I’ve EVER been. EVER. There is one on almost every block in both towns (Santa Cruz & Arricife). They almost all carry the same assortment. Unclear as to the reasons behind this. Just an observation.

We continued our walk along the waterfront, then chose to head out to the fort. Along the way I noticed some sea glass. SEA GLASS! We have an assortment whenever and wherever we can find it. I’m ALWAYS on the look-out for sea glass. JACKPOT! There were more colors than I’ve ever seen in one place. Truly wonderful. I think I MAY have gone overboard. Nah.

We continued our walk long the waterfront, then decided to wind our way through the streets and alleys to see what we could see. Just a delightful city. So, what May have been a one-hour visit, turned into almost three hours on shore seeking out special places.

We got back to the ship. First – let’s eat. A slice of pizza, and 2 conc fritters (each) – more than enough for us both, then on to the deck and into the shade. We each managed to soak in the hot tub to easy our weary muscles (which after two years of inactivity are begging for attention and aching due to inattention)! Ahhhh.

When we returned to the room to shower before dinner I noticed my “farmers tan” – my arms, below the sleeves, are BURNT to a crisp. I MUST remember to put on the SPF we purchased on board. Just dumb.

We went for cocktails at the Casino Bar – Boulevardier made with Knob Creek (better than the JD we had before – but NOT Rye). Quite good. We had the place to ourselves.

Dinner tonight in the GDR. I had a Spanish chicken dish, Christopher had the Penang Beef we both started with a Tomato tart which was very good (but NOT as good as Christopher’s). We sipped a wonderful Provencal Rose which was, for us one of the best we’ve had. Aromas of Peach and Strawberry – nice and dry – wonderful.

After dinner we went to hear the quartet, but tonight it’s a trio. Hope she isn’t too ill. It was still wonderful listening to the music after dinner. Helps with digestion. NO?

And now, it’s time for bed.


10th April 2022

Canary Islands
I always wondered what the Canary Islands were like. Thanks for the description. And, oh, what a great adventure for you both!
12th April 2022

Indeed. The Canary Islands were and are quite beautiful. Must return.

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