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April 8th 2022
Published: April 9th 2022
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Friday, April 8, 2022

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We watched as the ship pulled into port in Tenerife. The ship pulled slowly into port and was met by the pilot within the breakwater. We are situated on the starboard side which as it turns out is alongside the port. We had a wonderful view from our veranda, so we spent the entire time of the veranda watching as the ship so elegantly and easily slipped into place.

On the dock, we noticed an ambulance as well as a police car. Uh Oh. As the gangway was deployed and assembled, a second gangway, for the crew, was deployed from deck 4. Once the second gangway was completed off rolled a woman in a wheelchair escorted by medical staff, her husband and their combined luggage. She was not, thank goodness, on a gurney. We have no idea what happened, but their cruise sadly ended too soon.

The ship has been cleared, we are able to disembark, it’s now 1pm. So off we go to explore. Pulling in to port, we saw an unusual building which had the absolute look of a Calatrava design. Turns out it is the Opera House for Tenerife and is a gorgeous Calatrava building. Naturally, we had to get up close. It is stunning. Santiago Calatrava is a genius.

We located the Massimo Dutti, because someone is on a QUEST to find a particular shirt…which was seen in Malaga, last week. Didn’t have his size in the store, but she could get it…. perhaps we should have had her order it and returned a week later (the ship returned to Malaga the following week). Alas, no. We didn’t – and haven’t been able to locate the shirt ANYWHERE!!

We wandered all over the island for hours we were entertained by locals and tourists alike. We fell in love with Tenerife. A somewhat tropical island, with unique trees (a type of Ficus found only in the Canary Islands. So different than any other Ficus I’ve seen. We walked over five miles today, and our lower backs and my feet feel it.

Surprise, dinner tonight is at Toscana. We gotta start taking it easy. We don’t need all three courses. We don’t need dessert with each meal…. but it’s dessert! So, tonight we promise one another to “take it easy”.

Christopher ordered the Calamari appetizer with a tomato sauce, rather than the aioli – which contains garlic. I had the carpaccio topped with parmesan and arugula. The carpaccio was paper thin and delicious. I had the Penne as a main, and Christopher had a filet – about six ounces. Neither of us finished our mains completely (baby steps). We DID have dessert. I had the chocolate lava cake with orange sauce – lost on me. I’m just over chocolate. Christopher had the peach and zabaglione dessert and was in heaven.

After dinner, we walked on the deck as we began to sail away. A beautiful evening, after a beautiful day. Then we went down to six to listen to the Quartet. Always a treat, they are so good.

SO… tonight the boors were out. Listening to the quartet in the Grand Bar, was a woman (American, UNFORTUNATELY) with her bare feet propped up on a coffee table (as if she were at home) – the sofa cushions were all akimbo to accommodate her specific needs for the moment. I thought Christopher was going to burst a vein. He was appalled, as one should be. WHO DOES THAT IN PUBLIC?

THEN…the drunk Couple behind me made for yet another “delightful” evening! He was BOMBED and thought it appropriate to SING along with the musicians. He can’t carry a tune. I think his wife was horrified and got him to stop. THEN their friends showed up – and they thought it PERFECTLY acceptable to chat in their OUTSIDE VOICES while the musicians are playing beautiful music for us all. I DID ask them to quiet down, they did. THEN the Drunk man and his wife began to play cards – and once again…. loud loutish behavior (they were either Flemish or Dutch – unsure). ANNOYING. We gave up and called it a night. We were wiped out by our day in Tenerife.


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