Cruising is my Favorite

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April 22nd 2018
Published: October 15th 2018
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I really love to cruise. My favorite part about crusing is the food. I have recently learned about history of cruising as well as some aspects of cruise agents. Not only that, I have been a Cruise Caregiver for 1.5 yrs now and I have discovered how working on cruise and playing is awesome. I mean I got to help some clients on cruises. I got paid to do it as well as traveling to exotic places and getting free rooms,etc.

I really loved my career and very soon I'm going back to school to get my BSN-Rn Nursing Degree in January 2019. The aspects I love about cruising are: Food, Entertainment, Shows, Casinos,as well Cruise Excursions, Banquets,Room,etc! I really love to cruise! I love booking cruises as well as I enjoy seeing journeys through boat.


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