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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic July 7th 2023

Hi everyone We arrived in Reykjavik Iceland,which is the worlds most Northerly capital,on a most glorious friday morning at 7am,sun was shining,the weather has certainly been good to us so far. The Pearl is the number 1 attraction Reykjavik it’s the biggest nature museum in Iceland,it is situated on the top of Oskjuhlio hill. The building consists of a vast glass dome resting on top of 6 district heating tanks,4 of them are still in use,one hosts a real ice cave,and one has been turned into a planetarium,from the Pearl there a stunning view of the city. Kevin and I have been having a hot tub dip most days at sea. Tonight we have left Reykjavik in beautiful sunshine,we watched the pilot boat leave us. We will navigate all night long in the North Atlantic Ocean,we ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic April 27th 2023

March 27 – 30 - What could possibly go wrong..... We had a wonderful evening after leaving Madeira, first dinner, then the main show and we strolled through all the piano bars sipping our wine. We will have a day at sea and then arrive in Casablanca tomorrow morning. This is why Kirsten picked this cruise. Everyone on the ship is buzzing around and talking about Casablanca and where to go and what to do. Lots to see. The ship’s captain is Italian, the cruise director is British, we’re sailing to Southampton (by the way...this is where the Titanic launched from). What could possibly go wrong....... It’s noon the next day at sea, Kirsten and I are having a wonderful lunch in the pizza café. The captain comes on the announcement system updating us on our ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic April 11th 2023

World Cruise 10 Due in Muscat, Oman on 25th March We had a speaker on before we got to the Gulf who was really interesting, talking in general about Oman, that I knew nothing about. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did. Frankincense and myrrh. A heady Arabian mix that is Oman Typical thoughts about the Arabian Peninsula…. For the first half of the 20th century was closed. Muscat was a fishing port. It is a land of minarets, mosques and mountains. Donkeys and mules were still important in the villages. Because it developed late it was able to learn from the UAE states and has an old blend with the new. It has the faraj irrigation system from 1000BC and the interior fortress are impressive. It is one of the most mountainous ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic January 12th 2023

Wednesday 11th January 2023 I have just spent the day writing up our first week and a bit away only to have lost it all! So this is likely to be an abbreviated version. Tuesday 3rd January Thanks to Christopher for coming down with us on Monday to stay overnight in Winchester, so we only had a half hour journey on Tuesday morning. We were at the checkin at the appointed time with what I thought was all the relevant paperwork. Well, most of it was ok, just a small matter of my passport number not having registered for the American ESTA visa. Rogers had been accepted but mine hadn’t. No idea why not. We ended up in a Q with quite a number of other passengers who were also having problems with visa paperwork. Some ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic October 23rd 2022

I Sunday, 23 and the seas are calming and the skies blue. My back is improved but still concerning. It will either be healed by the time I get home or....... Yesterday, in that time before getting out of bed, I spotted our little stowaway. I had heard about it at dinner a couple of nights ago. It appears the fluffy little wren or sparrow flew on board in England and then was unable to fly home. That morning it was riding on my deck chair. Wish I had something to feed it but the best I could do was put out half an orange. Two days later it was still untouched. Imagining it making a new home in the USA. A note about the rock band playing in the Rolling Stone Rock Room. They are ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic September 17th 2022

1. - Introduction - Southampton I suspect like many other travellers, 2022 is a year where travel plans cancelled by the pandemic finally come to fruition and this trip to Iceland and Greenland was no exception. This was to be our fourth visit to Iceland (the first being on honeymoon some 40 years ago!), but our first to Greenland and therefore a place on our bucket list to be ticked off. In mid-August, we travelled over to Southampton with a couple of days spare before embarking Island Princess for our voyage north. As most of Europe was experiencing an unusually hot summer, we aimed to keep our outdoor activities in Southampton to a minimum. Our first stop was at the Tudor House, an old merchant house originally built on the dockside but now a fair distance ... read more

Some Enchanted Evening (mornings and afternoons also included!) aka: how I survived 25 days onboard a Princess cruise ship Saturday morning in Fort Lauderdale dawned bright and clear – an auspicious start (one can only hope) to what will be a lengthy stay onboard the Enchanted – the newest ship in the Princess fleet. Despite having sailed previously with other cruise lines, I faced this upcoming event with some trepidation, based on my experience with the infamous Medallion app. This smartphone app has been the bane of my existence for a couple of weeks prior to departure. It is without a doubt, one of the worst examples of current technology available today – in a word it sucks! Not only does it qualify as an arachnid Motel 6, but I have developed a finger callus from ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic March 27th 2022

Saturday, March 26, 2022 We started the day with an alarm clock waking us at 8am so we could get our PCR test. No test? No leaving the ship when we dock in Lisbon….even if it’s your final destination. SO…everyone needs the test. Piece of cake. We, of course, forgot our paperwork in the stateroom, so Christopher ran back papers in hand, and we moved through the line. First, they scan your Oceania Card, then take your temperature, then you hand over the documents and someone scans your card again which creates a barcode to indicate (anonymously) the testee (not to be confused with any anatomical reference). Then off to the test. Thank goodness it wasn’t one of those that went back to your brain. Those are most unpleasant. This was easy. At the start of ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic April 9th 2020

Penultimate Blog..... Managed it! A few photos from my iPad! There’s not much scenery except sea and sky. The picture of the people on the ship if from the day the second showing of support for NHS staff took place, at noon, the whole ship took part and the ships horn blew for the whole minute. I found it very moving, Thursday 9th April. Our days are blending into one, it’s hard to distinguish between them. I’m not sure how interesting this all is to you, dear readers, but it will remind us of our long sea crossing this spring. I hope it’s not boring. We really are enjoying ourselves still. Who wouldn’t? A floating hotel with lots of nice people, all our meals prepared, no housekeeping, we would happily go on and on. Day 48 ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic April 4th 2020

Saturday 4th April. Have been trying to catch up with the blog but although not much is going on time seems to fly, especially now we are on our last leg of the cruise. Have heard this morning we will be anchoring outside Tenerife to refuel in a few days. Other than that we are enjoying the tropics. Passed over the equator yesterday afternoon at almost exactly 4pm, so now in the northern hemisphere. It’s hot and humid, cloudy, but quite pleasant at the moment with some light airs. Better than yesterday when the air was full of moisture and everywhere outside felt like a sauna. It rained several times, but cleared up later in the evening. Enjoy the news below. We are about 160 miles off the African coast near Liberia. First picture Cape of ... read more

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