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Oceans and Seas » Arctic » Norwegian Sea August 15th 2023

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we signed up for a Celebrity cruise from Cape Liberty NY with stops in Halifax, St. John’s, Greenland then 3 stops in Iceland. We tacked on 3 extra days in Reykjavik to get in some extra sightseeing. Here are a few sample pics.... read more
Celebrity Summit
The Lady
Peggy’s Cove

Oceans and Seas » Arctic July 5th 2023

Hello everyone We left Germany and our next stop was Orkney islands,when we docked we went on coach trip around the island. We saw Standing stones of Stenness is a Neolithic Monument,five miles north east of Stromness on the mainland of Orkney. We visited Stromness another small island where Dr John Rae Arctic explorer was born 1813 to 1893.we have had lovely days of sun So we hope that will continue for us all. We also visited an Italian chapel it is a highly ornate Catholic chapel,it was built during world war 2 by Italian prisoners of war. It was constructed with limited materials,it’s very beautiful inside. Our next stop is STORNAWAY in the Hebrides lovely Town ,very old buildings,Bagpipes were played for us,we spied a good coffee shop As the coffee for me on boat ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic » Norwegian Sea June 21st 2023

Today is the Summer Solstice - when the daylight is the longest in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also a day of cruising as we sail south through the Norwegian Sea. It was a bright clear day all day, with smooth seas and the temperature up to 61. The pool deck was pretty crowded this afternoon with people out enjoying the sun and comparatively warm temperatures. Anyway, we sailed out of the Arctic Circle last night and we continue to head toward an area where we will get a few hours of darkness at night. Today is also the day that our Grandson Alex is leaving on his trip to Europe. We expect him to have lots of interesting experiences and see plenty of impressive sights. It will help him to understand more about other parts ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic » Norwegian Sea June 19th 2023

Hello from the Island Princess, cruising on the Norwegian Sea. This was a sea day as we head back south toward our next port in Gravdal on Lofoten Island tomorrow. In the meantime, today has been a day of rest. Before we cover today's activities, let's add a couple of facts overlooked in yesterday's report. First - the photos from Tromso have been posted to that blog. You should be able to see them if you go back there. Second - the photos from Honningsvag have been posted also. Take a look if you want. Now a question - where did the King Crab come from that are now so enjoyable in Northern Norway? Back in the 1930's, Russia tried to bring these crabs from their east coast to the west, to develop a new fishing ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic August 26th 2022

I’m excited, finally getting to visit the world’s largest island with the least densely populated region on earth. Hard to believe only approximately 56,000 warm bodies live on a hunk of rock 3 times the size of Texas! The majority of its residents are Inuit, whose ancestors migrated from Alaska through northern Canada, gradually settling across the island by the 13thcentury. Most reside along the southwest coast, the area I’ll be exploring. A Little Bit of History: According to Icelandic Sagas Erik the Red, who had been banished from Iceland allegedly for manslaughter, settled what is now Greenland in 982. Upon returning to Iceland around 985, he praised the merits of this newly discovered land and by 986, he had organized an expedition which resulted in the development of present-day Nuuk and Qarqortoq. Greenland became Danish ... read more
Qarqortoq #1
Iceberg in Prince Christian Sound
Waterfall in Prince Christian Sound

Oceans and Seas » Arctic April 19th 2018

The Geographic North Pole… “Trying to set foot upon it is like trying to step on the shadow of a bird that was circling overhead. The surface across which we were moving was itself moving on a planet that was spinning around an axis.” Sir Wally Herbert, on Reaching the North Pole, 1969. Imagine an empty expanse of white. A frozen crust of sea-ice floating over the mighty depths of the Arctic Ocean - in a world that had only one day per year. At the Geographic North Pole, the sun sets on the Autumnal Equinox and does not rise again until the Spring Equinox. This period of dark is followed by six months of circling light. There is only one annual cycle of day and night. I arrived in early morning - April. It was ... read more
Ninety North
Pole Position
At the North Pole

Oceans and Seas » Arctic March 1st 2016

Tuesday 1st March, 2016. Cruising the Atlantic Ocean We had another lazy morning and then had lunch in the restaurant. We went to the quiz in Scott's Bar and played with a nice couple called Mick and Margaret. They didn't answer many questions but we still won the keyring which we gave to Margaret as we already had one. At 7.30 pm we went to the Captain's Welcome Reception for a glass or two of fizz. After dinner we went to see the "Dancing Queen" show. The new singer, Emma, is excellent. We followed this up with "Buddy Brilliant" in Scott's Bar where Rob was great as ever.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic February 5th 2016

Friday 5th February, 2016. Cruising the South Atlantic Ocean We had a lie in - having boogied the night away last night. We had lunch in the restaurant and then we went to the quiz in the Scotts Bar in the afternoon. We played with John and Philippa and got 10 out of 38 possible points. The winners got 14. D proclaimed that it was the worse quiz had ever done. One team scored zero so Jenny gave them a booby prize. We passed the rest of the day writing blogs, reading and doing puzzles. After dinner the show was Gerry Graham who is a guest act that came aboad in Ushuaia. Gerry is a comedien and singer. He was very funny and could sing a bit too. After the show we went to the Karaoke ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic November 2nd 2015

Sharon went to mass while I finished up the blog, and did a review of country flags for tonight’s Mega Trivia game. When she returned we went up to the Crow’s Nest for the Team Travel Trivia. All six of us found a prime table and were ready for a Day of Trivia. “What European country has the longest coastline?” I figured Norway. My teammates were debating Italy or Greece. The later claimed they hadn’t heard me or they would have all agreed that Norway was right. What country has the largest archipelago? Sharon suggested Alaska. I guess it figures that the answer is the country with the world’s largest volcano: Indonesia. What country has the most lakes? Jim noted that Minnesota is known and the land of 10,000 lakes, and this led us to the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic March 25th 2015

Hello everybody! It's Madeline and Illiana! We are currently in Australia! First, we would like to say that Australia is great! Yesterday, we were in Sydney, it is an amazing city! We have visited the Opera house and it was extraordinary! Today, we are in Canberra and we have just been to Tidbinbilla nature reserve. It was so exciting, we loved the wild and wild animals. The Tidbinbilla nature reserve is situated in a beautiful valley between the Tidbinbilla and the Gibraltar ranges. We think it is wonderful. We would like to take a ride on a helicopter above Sydney but before that we would like to go tree-climbing because we like heights. We have also been surfing in Sydney, and we are going to tell you about something really stupid that happened over there: on ... read more
Surfing in Sydney

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