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Oceans and Seas » Arctic October 7th 2009

Hey guys! The 260 ft MV Ithaca has been sitting on a bed of gravel on a shallow tidal flat off the Manitoba coast about 15 km east of Churchill since September 14th 1960. It is about a 1 km hike at low tide to get out there. During the last three years Theresa and I have made several visits to the ship and we've even spent the night camping on the stern, which included an amazing sunset and sunrise and aurora... The following article is a summary of a report from Price Ray of Peter Martin Associates Ltd. 1970. In 1960, a nickel mine near Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories (now part of Nunavut Territory) chartered the Greek ship Ithaca to transport the ore to Churchill, Manitoba. The ship was hired as it was in Montreal ... read more
The fourth deck.
The cook house.
The view from the ship.

Oceans and Seas » Arctic » Barents Sea September 30th 2009

Southward we went. The winds and the waves became fierce and rain set in, so the captain decided to skip our planned stop in Hornsund, at the southern end of Spitsbergen – The conditions were not good for a landing and there was a huge gale coming in. The ship was made ready for the open ocean and a crossing of the wild Barents Sea. We waived our farewells to Arctic expanses of Svalbard and to the land of the ice bear and we set our sights on the notorious ocean crossing that separated us from the Norwegian shore. The Barents Sea was known as one of the earth’s stormiest seas and it didn’t disappoint. The ship bounced, and jarred, and rocked, and rolled its way southward for the next four days. For the first day ... read more
Sailing Along the North Coast of Norway 3
The Aurora Borealis 10
Tromsø at Night

Oceans and Seas » Arctic September 17th 2009

Hello all, just registered for Glastonbury 2010 and plans for La Tomatina 2010 are coming along nicely It's impossible to save money but I know it will all be worth it when I'm throwing tomatoes at some random person until next time Love Erin x... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic January 8th 2009

Did anyone see this in the news? Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979 No, and why not? Because the media is being controlled. I did a search on the BBC for this and look what comes up: url= Search BBC for "Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979" Think about that next time they show a photo of a poor ickle polar bear being forced to swim due to “lack of polar ice”. Did you know a polar bear can swim at over 6mph for many hours at a time? Michael Phelps can only manage 4.7mph over 100 metres. The current world record for the 1500m freestyle (long course) 14 minutes, 34.56 seconds, set by Grant Hackett in 2001. You could give Grant a five minute head start and your average ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic December 25th 2008

Thursday 25th Back at sea and all caught up with journaling from previous days, I feel awkwardly energized by a long sleep and a few cups of tea. The ship’s historian, Steve, gathered us ‘round the lounge for story time. Today it was Shakleton’s adventure. While Steve is a particularly grumpy old man onshore, he is equally charming at storytime onboard. When he gives his stories, it is like he was there with the explorers recounting what happened as though he witnessed it firsthand. While the story of Shakleton is mostly about the Endurance, the earlier Nimrod expedition was Shakleton’s most successful attempt. Another interesting tidbit was that the endurance was originally the Polaris, a boat made by Belgian voyager ?Gerlache?, who thought it would be a good idea to set up a sturdy ship for ... read more

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