Sunday in Christchurch

July 18th 2010
Published: July 18th 2010
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Punt along AvonPunt along AvonPunt along Avon

Yup, just like England (less crowded)
Thought I had enough of this city. Glad I stayed another day and walked past the Cathedral square. First thing this morning I changed hotels to one with garden, free bicycles, homey kitchen and book room and peaceful atmosphere. Then I walked towards the museums and found the Sunday market. Later I went to the museum and botanical gardens. Finally I caught a bus to the beach at New Brighton. New and improved Brighton Pier and beach I must say! Miles of sand (no pebbles), sleek concrete pier (no amusement rides) and powerful surf. A library and sheltered restaurant were at the beach end of the pier. And across the road there was a curry house, South of India, with lunch meals for $7 n.z. which is something over $5 Canadian, right? Food is delicious and the atmosphere is chic. Every restaurant I have tried is great.
All in all, Christchurch is a nice city with tons of perks and many signs of urban chic. There are things that are very British, and there are delights that come with a new country with lots of resources. It deserves more than a day, and if it were summer, I'd spend more than
Tram StationTram StationTram Station

Inside glass atrium you can purchase tickets for $15 n.z. and circle inner city and get off and on whenever you like. I decided to walk.
a week here.
Later....a cook-off with Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese chefs/backpackers. Hmmmm, the kitchen smells wonderful! Of course the Japanese did suchi and it tasted better (more fish) than the stuff I can buy at the Superstore. One of the neat things about traveling abroad is meeting new people and sharing some life experiences; such as a busy kiitchen at suppertime.
Monday morning: What to do? Where to go? A backpacker's query every now and then. The weather is sunny so now might be the time to rent a car and drive to Queenstown where everyone raves about. Morning paper suggests weather will be crappy the rest of the will I get stuck that side of the mountain pass? dunno Better make up my mind and shift in some direction.

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Witchy GardenWitchy Garden
Witchy Garden

There is an herb garden for guests to use while cooking meals.

Remember this place? Walk out of here, towards river and botanical garden....

Nearly bought funky sweater

Stalls with jade, wool, fashion, jewelry, paintings and even a fortune teller.
Art for SaleArt for Sale
Art for Sale

A church converted to artasan store

At this point I notice a 'No Photography' sign on the wall. Luckily I wasn't using flash.
Quilt StoreQuilt Store
Quilt Store

This one is for you, Wil. I even asked the lady before I took it.

They did a nice job converting this church, eh?

A year ago I volunteered in Mike's creperie in Truro. Quite a difference here, on other side of the planet.

I wonder if Ediburgh will like its new trams? (see previous blogs)
Art CentreArt Centre
Art Centre

This use to be college campus. Can you see the hanging stairs (in sky)? It is called 'Echo'. This place has cafes and art stores and 'great hall' and every inch is so cool.

Museum has displays of Maori history, first settlers, and the discovery of Anarctica.
Botanical GardenBotanical Garden
Botanical Garden

At this time of year, you come to admire the trees.

See the family, tiny figures below tree branches.
Winter RoseWinter Rose
Winter Rose

Think it would be best to come in springtime to see the rose gardens.

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