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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban May 6th 2021

After we returned home last night from the pub we were sure the wind had abated or at least in the pitch blackness of Church Hill, Oban, it seemed that way. However, during the night the wind did return with gusto and we assume from a slightly different direction as something metallic was rattling noisily on the roof wanting to take off into the air and land somewhere to the east of us. Sunrise however revealed that the wind had blown itself out and it didn’t look like we would miss out on our boat trip to Paterson Inlet and Ulva Island at midday because of the wind. With time on our hands we lazed around and continued to enjoy the vistas from our Kiwi bach until it was time to head down the hill to ... read more
Mollyhawk on Halfmoon Bay
Akers stone cottage,Halfmoon Bay
Iona Island,Paterson Inlet

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban May 5th 2021

We went to bed last night with a starlight sky and calm conditions. At sometime in the dark night all that changed with wind that sounded of storm force speed. The ‘Kiwi’ bach held together although at times as the wind howled we wondered whether we might have to go to the bottom of the cliff over the path up from the village to pick up what might have been left of it. The wind abated a bit when the sun rose and looking out from the deck of the bach the water on the bay below was being flattened out by the stiff breeze blowing over it. One can understand why the early settlers opted to set up their community where they did towards the eastern end of the island. After all we are in ... read more
South Seas Hotel and Four Square store,Oban,Sewart Island
Paterson Inlet,Stewart Island from Observation Rock with Iona Island on the left
Looking back to Oban from Linneker Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban May 4th 2021

Waking this morning in Invercargill we had hoped, when we pulled the curtains, to find clear skies and light winds for our short flight to Stewart Island.However, it is not to be, with dark skies in the west and a steady breeze blowing. We opted for a plane ride to Stewart Island as our memory of watching a ferry leaving Bluff pitching and rolling in heavy seas was enough to put us off travelling by ferry on this route for life. As we have discovered there is not a huge difference in the price of the airfare compared to the ferry and so we thought 15 minutes of terror is better than one hour plus plus of rockin’ and rollin’ across the strait. We had a bit of time to fill in before check in for ... read more
Lifestyle properties below
Coastline scene
Passengers in front of us

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban April 1st 2018

After my adrenaline overdose, it was time to do some less intense activities. In Queenstown, the party capital of New Zealand, that started with a pub crawl. The highlight of that evening was the ice bar: everything was made of ice, including the glasses (gloves were a must) and they had the most amazing ice sculptures. After a nice sleep in, I met Bianca to take the Gondola up one of the mountains that surround Queenstown. After enjoying a tasty lunch with a view, Mira joined us and we went to ride the luge karts. They are karts without engines so we got our speed from going downhill: so much fun (had to do something that would give me at least a small adrenaline rush to prevent withdrawal symptoms)! After Queenstown, it was time to go ... read more
View from the top of the gondola in Queenstown
Luge karts were a lot of fun!
Mirror Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban April 7th 2015

Nous avons atteint la zone la plus au sud de la Nouvelle Zélande, la troisième plus grosse ile en terme de superficie car d’un point de vue démographique, Stewart Island culmine à 380 habitants pour 7 fois la taille de Singapour (nous y reviendrons par la suite). L’ile survit grâce au tourisme ainsi qu’à la pêche et à son indépendance en eau qui lui a coûté 3 millions de dollar pour récupérer et filtrer l’eau de pluie. Une infime partie de l’ile se visite en effectuant une randonnée de 15 jours. Trois restaurants se répartissent les parts de marché, cependant la superette dispose du monopole. Nous y avons malgré tout découvert le meilleur fish & chips de Nouvelle Zélande avec des produits frais, une panure à tomber par terre et une guitoune remarquablement propre. Nous avons ... read more
Stewart Island
Stewart Island
Stewart Island

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban July 20th 2014

Dear diary..... JACKPOT ! Vandaag was fenomenaal! We hebben een dag 'opgeofferd' aan rijden om op S.I. te raken, maar we zijn maar wat blij dat we hier waren. We begonnen de dag onder een stralende winterzon. Stevig ontbijt as usual ( eggs and bacon), en daarna naar het visitor centrum om onze route te plannen. We stippelden een route uit langs de kustlijn van het eiland die ongeveer 6 uur zou duren. Een korte stop in de lokale supermarkt en we konden vertrekken. Gewapend met sportdrank - sommigen onder ons hadden wat problemen met dehydratatie ten gevolge van de activiteiten vorige avond - en mongolenstuutjes trokken we de bushes in. Het ging al meteen bergop ! Het hoogste punt van het eiland is slechts 163m boven de zeespiegel, maar het eiland is niet groot en ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban March 20th 2011

Stewart Island day! Early start today, had to check in at the ferry building at 9am for our 9.30am ride across to Stewart Island. The ferry ride was quite relaxing, well, for those of us with good sea legs. The swell through the Foveaux Strait was like a smooth rollercoaster. Luckily the trip across was only an hour. Upon landing we set off on foot to book in to a boat tour around Patterson Inlet. Included in this was a 1-hour guided walk around Ulva Island. After many recommendations, we decided we had to visit Ulva Island. Ulva is a bird sanctuary and from the moment you set foot on the island you are greeted by birds sounds from all directions. While you can be dropped at the island and follow the tracks, we luckily took ... read more
Stewart Island Albatross
Lewis Acker's house
Blue Penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban March 19th 2011

At last - civilisation here in Dunedin so I have wifi and mobile fones and ATMs - so here are fotos to go with the last blog, ... read more
At Duff Farm
Day at Stewart Island (31)
Day at Stewart Island (27)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban January 6th 2011

It's Thursday or so we are reliably informed by the mat in the lift, they change them each day just incase you forget . Today we visit Oban the most southerly  inhabited island in this hemisphere they have a population of 300 in winter and 3000 in summer with the tourist influx, which keeps the island going. To get to the island you queue up for your turn on the tender which takes about 10-15min to get there, then you have to climb and keep climbing up the hill, steep but well worth it when you get to the top then it's down the other side into the fishing township very picturesque. Transport here is rudimentary they don't have obahn's, taxi's , buses or trains just your feet feet and more feet.  But they do have ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Stewart Island » Oban November 9th 2010

So we said goodbye to a sleepy Debby & left Queenstown early on Daisy's Stray bus doing the south loop. We drove non-stop down to Invercargill & through to Bluff where we arrived at the ferry terminal around 9am to check in foir the 9:30 ferry. Myself, Justin & Gwawr (or Dawn) were the only ones from the Stray bus heading over here - I think beacuse the ferry costs so much! We are staying at a lovely little place here with lots of nice people, myself & Gwawr are here for a few days but Justin only had one night on the Island so we went for a walk around the town. This island isn't tiny but the town is only small & the roads don't extend into the national park. Unfortunately I don't have ... read more
Oban & Halfmoon Bay
GIant chess set!
Halfmoon Bay

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