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November 19th 2007
Published: November 19th 2007
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Scenery shotScenery shotScenery shot

oooooo Pretty!!
Followup from yesterday. HELL was great! Good pizzas with names like Lust, Pestilence, Greed, Mordor, Gluttony. They have really cool pizza boxes that you can punch part out of and fold it into a coffin (to take home your "remains".)

This morning, we woke up early and drove out to go horseback Riding in Glenorchy (near Queenstown).,+NZ&ie=UTF8&ll=-44.771355,168.409081&spn=0.173538,0.31929&t=h&z=12&iwloc=addr&om=1

If you have seen Lord of the Rings, the mountains in the background are seen in the following scenes:
- Isengard (black tower where Sauraman lives)
- Lothlorien
- Misty Mountains (opening sequence and others)
- snow scene (where Boromir tries to take ring)
- Lighting of the signalling beacons (sweeping through all the surrounding peaks)

it was very very pretty.

Tony got to Canter (gallop). The riding style was English, not western, so it took a bit of time to get used to the balance. Chris and Anne kept to a walk or Trot. We all got sunburned on only 1/2 of our faces (out in the morning, returned at Noon). Anne was quite sore after we got done, and hobbled to a very nice cafe in Glenorchy.
3 horsemen3 horsemen3 horsemen

It was hard to get the horses together. Anne's horse and Tony's didn't get along to well, and all they wanted to do was eat and pee.

Glenorchy is the smallest town in NZ that has a working school. There are about 20 buildings in downtown, most of them shops, cafes, or tour fronts. Everyone is super friendly, and the place was hopping. Tourism is the #2 industry since Mining dried up. #1 remains farming.

We came back to the hotel and crashed... we all slept or read 3 hours. It is quite warm here... definately a heat wave.

Anne drove downtown (3 blocks). Wasn't too scary!! 😊😊
Anne and Chris are wine tasting downtown while Tony is at the Internet Cafe blogging and figuring out how to use the web cam.
(looks like Yahoo IM is going to be the easiest.)

Tomorrow is going to be quite busy. We are driving to Glaciers on the West coast (about a 5 hour drive). We plan to go on a 4 hour hike, which involves spike shoes and parkas. The description mentions the guide carving out stairs for us in the ice. Should be exciting.

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Chris on HorseChris on Horse
Chris on Horse

Chris didn't take his camera, so he wanted to make sure we got a good shot. Did We?
All in a lineAll in a line
All in a line

Look at Anne... Waaay back at the end. Winston did not like to follow and did not like to go fast. He went at his own slow pace, which was fine with Anne!
Lamb SandwichLamb Sandwich
Lamb Sandwich

Same restaurants... different menu

19th November 2007

Looks like you're having fun! When you get to Christchurch, check out the University of Canterbury for me. Watch out for Ringwraiths.

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