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May 8th 2008
Published: May 9th 2008
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The Morning AfterThe Morning AfterThe Morning After

After a night of gale force winds, a calm morning with fog rising over the bay was a welcome sight, and gave Kirby a chance to find the hat the wind stole the night before!
With fall rolling in with its fine colors we knew our time here was beginning to count down. It was time to leave Christchurch and head North "for the winter", but not before one last Christchurch attraction - Kart World! We hopped into the fastest indoor racing cars in the country (or so they say) and took to the track. This windy track was easy for Kirby after driving the New Zealand roads but easier to be speedy when you know what is around the corner. After our fifteen minutes of fame we learned that this track was also enjoyed by some celebrities like Pink, Michael J. Fox, and others.

We took a slightly different path heading North than on our way down and enjoyed the fall landscapes including hundreds of deer, and of course sheep. We found some neat 'tree house" cabins (see below) built up in the treetops and enjoyed both rain and shine up the coast.

We stayed a night at a backpacker hostel in Kaikoura called The Lazy Shag and baked cookies to share with some new found friends. We continued up to Picton where we would stay the night before bidding farewell to the
Kart RacersKart RacersKart Racers

We didn't make any speed records but sure had a great time.
South Island and catching the ferry to Wellington. Before heading over the waters we spent a rainy afternoon at the cinema in a tiny 20 seat theater to enjoy Lars and the Real Girl; it was worth watching. We enjoyed the South Island very much and it was with a twinge of sadness that we moved on.

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Land of HedgesLand of Hedges
Land of Hedges

Thousands of groomed hedges line the rolling hills and fields of green. We are quite fond of them and marvel at how large they often are.
Tree HousesTree Houses
Tree Houses

Just outside Kaikoura, these are the nicest biggest tree houses we have ever seen... well, except we couldn't see any tire swings.
Lazy Shag BackpackersLazy Shag Backpackers
Lazy Shag Backpackers

Our suite was the corner unit on the second floor, quite nice with private bath and free internet (on their slow, sole computer to share...).
We Have Eyes Only For EachotherWe Have Eyes Only For Eachother
We Have Eyes Only For Eachother

We made shadow eyes in the morning sun...
Picton MorningPicton Morning
Picton Morning

Enjoying a coffee at our "camp spot" in Picton before the Ferry.
The InterIsland FerryThe InterIsland Ferry
The InterIsland Ferry

This huge ferry has about 9 floors - five for vehicles - with two theatres, two restaurants, lounges, a bar, a playground and recliners. It sails between the North and South Islands over about 3 hours.

9th May 2008

movies on boats
did you watch a movie on the inter-island ferry? I'm thinking a movie theater on a boat is going to charge a premium.... maybe $28 each? tell me if I'm close. and the popcorn would require a swiss bank account... but I could be wrong. Keep soaking up everyday!!
11th May 2008

movies at a premium
Can't tell you how much the ferry movies cost but the theatres we have been to set us back about $50 for tickets and popcorn... their seats are MUCH better and more like couches with optional pull down arm rests, and enough leg room so that you can't put your feet on the seat ahead of you even if you want to!
12th May 2008

movies on couches
no seat kicking at all?! airplanes would be worth the price of the ticket with these seats!! we are counting the sleeps til you both arrive, so looking forward to seeing your much loved faces!

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