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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton November 19th 2022

Bonjour à tous, Réponse à MT et M, effectivement par beaucoup, de côtés ont peut se croire en Angleterre, et depuis deux jours la pluie en rajoute, à cette impression. Le mode de vie est assez proche, les pubs, la bière, tous ces cottages. Cela me semble encore plus marqué dans cette partie nord de l'île du sud, ou cette une illusion de ma part. Même la géographie, ces grandes prairies très vertes ça peut être l'Ireland, (que je ne connais pas) je suis également passé dans des zones tendance Ecosse, les moutons complètent le tableau et ne sont pas étrangers à ces similitudes. Un autre copain m'appelé, et on parlait du coût de la vie en NZ, et je lui répondais, que je trouvais la vie assez chère, beaucoup plus que j'avais prévu. Sa réponse ... read more
port de Picton
Baie de Picton

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton December 5th 2018

Après une autre courte nuit, nous avons pris un Uber jusqu’à la gare routière de Christchurch, où nous sommes montés dans le bus Intercity en direction de Picton. Le voyage a duré environ 6 heures, avec des paysages très pittoresques, des monts et des vallées et des dizaines de nuances de vert. Nous avons aussi conduit près de la côte où nous avons pu apercevoir des dizaines de phoques ! Une fois arrivés à Picton, nous avons mangé un fish & chips pas super (surtout que Shaun s’y connaît !). Notre auberge de jeunesse, Atlantis, est assez unique - chaque surface est peinte avec des scènes marines (incluant les toilettes et la cuisine). Nous nous sommes reposés un peu avant d’aller acheter de quoi faire à manger pour le dîner. Après le dîner, la propriétaire de ... read more
Queen Charlotte sound
Juvenile blue penguin

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 6th 2018

Blog 22 Picton, New Zealand, April 5 ,2018 – Weather forecast: sunny with scattered clouds; temperature 20°C, wind 8kts (3 Beaufort) Picton is located on the northern end of the South Island and is considered the gateway to the Marlborough region of New Zealand. This region is noted for its scenic beauty, its wineries, sheep farms and the “sounds” – the deep waterways along the coastline. Picton’s harbour has only one moderately sized main pier used primarily by cargo vessels. On the apron bordering the pier there were stacks of timber being sorted into their respective species and readied for transport to India, China, Pakistan where it will be transformed into pulp for paper and cardboard. Today we joined a group that was taken to the Omaka Marae, the cultural meeting place of the local Maori. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 7th 2017

Finally we were on board the inter islander ferry, we settled in with a cheeky cider and an ice cream for most of the journey. When we came into Marlborough sounds we went above deck and wow was it fantastic. It reminded me of Milford sounds a bit from last year when I was here. We stayed up there all the way into picton- despite being hit on by a man old enough to be my father (we politely declined the invitation to stay in his motel room- several times!) once off at the other end we headed the long way around to Kaikoura due to the road closures. This would lead us to stop for the night at a place called lake Rotoiti which was beautiful! We camped in a spot literally on the lake ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton January 22nd 2016

Op 20 januari zijn we doorgereden naar Marlborough: het land van de wijn. 75% van de wijn in NZ wordt hier gemaakt. Vooral Sauvignon Blanc. Daar zijn ze beroemd mee geworden. Door een verraderlijke wespensteek vlak boven de linker enkel van Frank zijn we wat minder mobiel. Dikke voet die niet echt in de wandelschoen past. We wilden toch al een walvistocht maken. Daarbij hoeft er niet veel gelopen te worden. Dat hebben we als eerste opgepakt. Gisteren naar Kaikouro gereden waar vandaan de tochten vertrekken. Toch ruim 2,5 uur rijden langs eindeloze wijngaarden en de uitgestrekte kust. Tijdens de walvistocht hebben 3 walvissen gezien. Als de sperm walvissen naar de oppervlakte komen hebben ze er een duik van 45-60 minuten opzitten. Ze komen naar boven om zuurstof te tanken. Dat duurt zo'n 10 minuten. Daarna ... read more
Alleen zijn rug komt een beetje boven
En weg is tie
Het karakteristieke ademen

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton September 28th 2015

It was still dark when Dean dropped us off. The girls were not showing the same enthusiasm I was for the trip to Picton. In hindsight, they should have joined Dean on the plane. But I loved it. Now I want to do the one that goes over the mountain. This one, however, hugs the coast for a fair while but also travels through scenic farm land, wine country and has the beautiful mountains to the west. Within the first hour, the girls had eaten the snacks which were supposed to last the train and ferry. Great. I left them to wallow in their misery and spent quite a bit of time out on the viewing carriage. Quite chilly but a wonderful way to see the countryside. Inside the squeaky carriage, the girls played on their ... read more
View from train Kaikoura
View from train 4
View from train

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton June 13th 2015

After my short visit to Wellington (the last stop in the North island before heading south), I was eager to get to the ferry terminal and cross over to the south. The actual ferry ride was very calm and the scenery as we got into the Marlborough sounds was extremely picturesque. On the ferry, I met a few really cool people- a guy from Uruguay, two guys from Norway and a lady from the UK. Funny story about the lady- she was "in NZ to come after a boy" (her words, not mine). Basically, she was here to surprise some lad and it was supposed to be all romantic and spontaneous. She told me the entire story and for a second there, I was pretty sure it was the plot to some romantic comedy or teen ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton May 2nd 2015

Hello People, We woke up this morning to a pleasant temperature; usually it’s a hurried clothes on under the covers because it’s so cold. We left our parked position on a housing estate about 30 minute bus ride from Wellington. We left about 7.15am, heading for the ferry check-in terminal. Our ferry crossing from Wellington to Picton was at 8.45am. We booked the tickets about 4 days ago online not realizing how expensive it was (approx. £214 for a single campervan ticket!!). We arrived at the check-in queue with plenty of time, so we turned the gas on and Neil made us porridge on the stove. We boarded, parked up and found seats with a socket so we could charge up. I was hopeful that maybe there would be a random shower tucked away on board ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 10th 2015

While spending four months living the life of a city dweller in Wellington, I constantly felt the draw of the South Island. Subconsciously I put it off. I told myself it was inconvenient, and it was too much money to visit for just a weekend or a week. I had plenty of time. Besides, I knew that I couldn't just visit the South Island. I had to live it. Living in Wellington, snuggled up to the dining room table with a coffee in hand, I spent endless hours filling out job applications. For each application, I spent an average of five hours perfecting a cover letter. I would reorganize my CV for each one, highlighting appropriate skills and deleting others where necessary. The jobs I chose to apply to were ones that I craved to fill. ... read more
Shameless Selfie on the Ferry.
The Road
Emerald water

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 9th 2015

I've watched the ferry go by a hundred times, seeing the white crested waves crashing against its hull as it pushes through the water. I've followed it's slow progress away from the harbor, a snail on the ocean desert inching along at a steady, unhurried pace, and I knew I'd never be able to catch it. I was a statue to its passage and each time I wanted to cast a line and hook onto it, have it pull me out of the quicksand I'd fallen into and free me from the this self-created stagnation. But it passed first in front and then beyond my sight and I knew that once again I would stay behind and wait. But now, finally, my turn has come and I can feel the rumble of the engines beneath my ... read more
Last Days of Summer, Wellington
Pencarrow Lighthouse

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