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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton May 2nd 2015

Hello People, We woke up this morning to a pleasant temperature; usually it’s a hurried clothes on under the covers because it’s so cold. We left our parked position on a housing estate about 30 minute bus ride from Wellington. We left about 7.15am, heading for the ferry check-in terminal. Our ferry crossing from Wellington to Picton was at 8.45am. We booked the tickets about 4 days ago online not realizing how expensive it was (approx. £214 for a single campervan ticket!!). We arrived at the check-in queue with plenty of time, so we turned the gas on and Neil made us porridge on the stove. We boarded, parked up and found seats with a socket so we could charge up. I was hopeful that maybe there would be a random shower tucked away on board ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 10th 2015

While spending four months living the life of a city dweller in Wellington, I constantly felt the draw of the South Island. Subconsciously I put it off. I told myself it was inconvenient, and it was too much money to visit for just a weekend or a week. I had plenty of time. Besides, I knew that I couldn't just visit the South Island. I had to live it. Living in Wellington, snuggled up to the dining room table with a coffee in hand, I spent endless hours filling out job applications. For each application, I spent an average of five hours perfecting a cover letter. I would reorganize my CV for each one, highlighting appropriate skills and deleting others where necessary. The jobs I chose to apply to were ones that I craved to fill. ... read more
Shameless Selfie on the Ferry.
The Road
Emerald water

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 9th 2015

I've watched the ferry go by a hundred times, seeing the white crested waves crashing against its hull as it pushes through the water. I've followed it's slow progress away from the harbor, a snail on the ocean desert inching along at a steady, unhurried pace, and I knew I'd never be able to catch it. I was a statue to its passage and each time I wanted to cast a line and hook onto it, have it pull me out of the quicksand I'd fallen into and free me from the this self-created stagnation. But it passed first in front and then beyond my sight and I knew that once again I would stay behind and wait. But now, finally, my turn has come and I can feel the rumble of the engines beneath my ... read more
Last Days of Summer, Wellington
Pencarrow Lighthouse

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton March 10th 2015

Decided on a day at a place called Castlepoint, it's on the east coast of the North Island and probably took us roughly two hours to get there. The road was good but very windy as we have come to expect of this country. I have to say on arrival we could barely open the car door it was so windy and being on a beach the sand was whirling around us. We made our way over and climbed upto the lighthouse, we were rewarded for our efforts with the most rugged views of the surrounding area and the ocean. We walked along the cliff tops trying desperately to remain vertical in the wind and felt invigorated when we got back to the car. I have to say this is cos we got a facial or ... read more
Baz conducting a little experiment
Me and a few boats, Picton
Picton harbour

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton February 24th 2015

What a beautiful day for sea kayaking! After three days of rain, today is bright and beautiful! Lucky for us! Again, one of my favorite things about the trip was the company of other international travelers. We enjoyed the company of a Romanian couple, LA newlyweds, and two Swedish guys on gap year travels. Those two guys were especially funny. They wore hats with little propellers on them so we knew how windy it was, and they were trying to sell us on their favorite NZ activities of bungy jumping, rapelling, and sky diving. Ummm....No thanks! They are staying here for three months and are living in a car the whole time because they are short on funds (obviously because they are spending their funds on potentially deadly adventure activities). It was hilarious to hear them ... read more
On the Sound
Aaron and I Above Our Route

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton February 23rd 2015

Today turned out to be a day of rest. Much needed rest. We've been going full speed ahead since we arrived one week ago (already), and my body put up the surrender flag last night. I don't know if it was bad food or the combination of the four hours in the car, the three hour ferry ride, and my faulty inner ear that got me, but I was incredibly nauseated last night and had a bum stomach most of the day today. I thought we were supposed to be kayaking today, but when I called to reschedule this morning, they told me I'm on the books for tomorrow! Yahoo! Things have a way of working out sometimes. If one has to be a bit under the weather on vacation, I must admit this is a ... read more
Resting on Our Porch

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton February 22nd 2015

I woke up this morning feeling a bit sad that we were already leaving the North Island. We had so much fun there! We were off to an early start, having to drive four hours to Wellington to catch our afternoon ferry. We made it in plenty of time, stopping for lunch at Subway on the way down. Familiarity is good when you don't have much time. It was an intermittently rainy, sunny, foggy day. It was actually chilly enough on the ferry that jeans and a rain jacket felt good - weird in summertime! The ferry was beautiful despite the low visibility. Aaron really wanted to go find a comfortable seat inside where it was warm and dry, but I couldn't bring myself to go inside when 1. I can sit inside all winter in ... read more
Picton Harbor
Me on the Ferry, South Island
Low Tide, Picton Harbor

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton July 14th 2014

Last night was pretty crazy, sooooo this morning was pretty rough. Desalnietemin sprongen we omstreeks 7:00 uit onze slaapzak om "fris en monter" de finale van het wk te bekijken at Mikey's bar. We bestelden daar een ontbijt met de gewoontelijke eitjes, bacon en worst. We genoten van de wedstrijd met een terrechte winnaar, maar beseften tegelijk dat het niet zo'n goed idee was om vandaag de weg op te gaan. We besloten een extra dagje in Picton te blijven. After all, both the people and the views are awesome here. Na de match hadden we even tijd nodig om euhm... onszelf terug te vinden. Iets na de middag konden we er weer helemaal tegenaan. We bezochten het Picton aquarium, een kleinschalig bezoekerscentrum met veel lokale vissoorten en andere dieren. We kregen uitleg van een jolige ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton July 13th 2014

Vandaag maakten we de overstap van het noordeiland naar het zuideiland. De ferry vertrok om 13:30 en kwam rond 17:00, met het zakken van de zon aan in Picton. De bootreis door Cookstreet was opnieuw onbeschrijfelijk mooi, maar ik ga toch een poging doen. Op helderblauwe wateren vaarden (voeren?) we tussen twee heuvelruggen. Het sterke zonlicht brak door de wolken en zorgde her en der voor prachtige regenbogen. In de verte waren de besneeuwde toppen van de zuiderse alpen te zien. Plots dook ook een stukje walvis op boven het wateroppervlak en in een van de baaitjes zagen we ook enkele dolfijnen. We stopten opnieuw in een holiday camping, op wandelafstand van het centrum. Na een douche en het wassen der kleren besloten we een stapje te zetten, want ondergetekende had iets te vieren natuurlijk. We ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton May 29th 2014

Herzlich willkommen zurück nach dieser kleinen Werbeunterbrechung zum Reiseprogramm hier auf TerraX - ach nein, so hab ich letztes Mal schon angefangen. Natürlich möchte ich hier kein eindeutiges Schema zeigen, deswegen kann das so nicht gehen. Wie dem auch sei - ihr merkt sicher, dass ich hier krampfhaft versuche, die Zeilen mit Unsinn zu füllen um geschickt davon abzulenken, dass ich gar nicht so viel Tolles erlebt habe -, in diesem Blogbeitrag möchte ich euch von Dunedin berichten, welches auch das Glasgow of the South genannt wird. Dunedin spricht sich Daniedn aus und liegt an der Pazifikküste Neuseelands in einem geschützen Hafen, der vom weiten Ozean durch die Otago Peninsula abgetrennt wird. Diese ist auch eine der Hauptattraktionen in Dunedin. Während man in der Stadt durch Straßen mit offenbar sehr schottischem Charakter gehen kann, bietet die ... read more
...Fast wie riesengroße Dinosauriereier.
Victorian Oamaru.
Die Weite des MacKenzie Country - Ich finds super!

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