Autumn in the Mountains

Published: April 25th 2008
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Throughly enjoying Christchurch, we decided to get some fresh mountain air and headed out. Although to our prairie eyes mountains are everywhere, locally they are merely hills and the mountains are . . the really big hills. On the map Kirby spotted an "x" named Mt. Armstrong, so with no particular place to go . . . we went toward Arthur's Pass to see if we could take a peek at the peak. Upon entering the pass, we came across fog and decided to spend the night in a rest stop taking pictures and listening to "Solid Rock", a classic rock station, which was heaps of fun as the commercials split our sides.

The next morning the fog still lingered as we ventured further into the mountain range and once again found remarkable eye candy. Instead of gazing at a particular range of beauty and commenting on it specifically , we have learnt to over-generalize saying, "this whole country is beautiful!" It helps us not to pollute the air with chatter and gives us more time to focus on the aura the landscape emits.

After finding Arthur' Pass' i-site (information center) we located precisely where Mt. Armstrong was. Although it looked close on our map, it was a suggested five trek into the mountainous terrain. Being softly weathered by Tui and unemployment, (not being of recent physical activity), we opted to not test ourselves rigorously and instead go to a lookout. Although we saw "IT" . . . we think . . . It was not in view at the the lookout's vantage point. Completely dwarfed by another range infront of it (story of my life). However took some neat photos of other things and stuff and spent the night in the region. It was neat to learn there was a eight kilometer train tunnel going under the pass. Again, heard and saw the trains but did not hitch a ride.

The next morning we awoke with a chill and a quiver as we saw for the first time since December 4, 2007. . . FROST! It is a amazing how a tin van is not that insulted against Ol' Jack Frost. Kirby did however find an exercise wheel to get his blood flowing.

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Fog by MorningFog by Morning
Fog by Morning

On our way to Arthur's Pass, notice the fall colours.
Castle HillCastle Hill
Castle Hill

Really big rocks... and just put on the hill for people to look at and climb. That's Geomorphology.
Castle RocksCastle Rocks
Castle Rocks

They say you can see carvings 500 years old within the rock crevasses but we didn't bring our carbon dater.
Death's CornerDeath's Corner
Death's Corner

In Arthur's Pass, this corner was once Death's Corner until this bridge was made. Now we wonder if it is "Debt's Corner"?
Old Road InfrastructureOld Road Infrastructure
Old Road Infrastructure

Notice the tunnel and the eavestrough that takes the mountain spring over the roadway.
Kirby's Exercise WheelKirby's Exercise Wheel
Kirby's Exercise Wheel

Originally used for turning locomotives around, Kirby thought it might have a modern use.
Blast From the PastBlast From the Past
Blast From the Past

This is a Moa, one of the giant ancient bird species that once inhabited New Zealand. They are great ground birds that didn't have wings at all. This is life-sized. They were killed by simply being pushed over.

27th April 2008

Oh dear. Does that mean that your journey is coming to an end? When are you guys set to come home? Or have you decided to stay forever? (I wouldn't blame you). By the way, LOVE the Supa Centas! That is bad ass.
3rd May 2008

Just caught up on your blogs! Have enjoyed hearing about your adventures. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more tales. Spring might finally be here by the time you get back...

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