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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru March 28th 2023

Day 5 and 6 of the Alps to Ocean and the art of river crossings…. It is now the end of Day 5, and with only 61km to push tomorrow to the South Pacific Ocean, I am beginning to think we might make it! It's been another long day and the first time we have had to cycle through rivers. I had never really acknowledged that this might be a “thing”....i.e. a real thing that we might be expected to do. But there was the river and we were on the wrong side. Pete reckoned (for the very first time in his life) that slow and steady was the answer...low gear, moderate pedalling with a burst at the end to get you up the bank. We debated the option of hurling ourselves down the bank at ... read more
Still smiling.....
Fancy dough balls while we watched the hailstorm!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru November 14th 2022

We’ve finally made it to New Zealand! Had a very early start today. We were up just before 3am to get to the airport for our delayed flight @ 6am. Thankfully, there were no more delays and we finally arrived in Christchurch just after 11am. It was a pleasant surprise to see that SIXT didn’t charge us for the day we missed due to our 20 hour flight delay, so that’s one less battle to have with Qantas to claim compensation for. We’re quite pleased with our Skoda Kodiaq, not only does it have all the gadgets you could possibly need, it’s also a nice shade of blue! Even with our later than planned start to our first day in NZ, we managed to catch up with our original plans for today, a drive over to ... read more
Tekapo Church
Lake Tekapo Clouds
Lake Pukaki

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru February 7th 2020

Workaway in Oamaru It was with a little bit of anticipation that we drove from Christchurch to our 12 day long “workaway” in Oamaru. If you didn’t know what it is, check out a previous post or look at The thoughts went something like: What if we didn’t click with the family there? What if the expectations were all off? What if the children couldn’t get along? You never know. But of course everything was fine. There was mom, dad, and three children 8, 7 and 14 months. Everyone got along, and within 5 minutes the adults were chatting away and the children playing. That continued for most of the time during the next two weeks. We just had SO much to talk about. From house renovation, raising children, running a busyness to moving to ... read more
Fun and games and happy kids
Found on one of my runs at the lookout point

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru January 19th 2020

Before leaving Denmark, we had talked about how we were going to travel, and we had come across this world wide volunteering platform, Workaway. You live in someone’s house, help out with whatever they need help with 3 to 5 hours a day, and in exchange you get to stay there, and depending on the work required, maybe also food. We agreed that we wanted to spend part of our stay volunteering like this, and getting Ollie and Alba active in doing something locally. Anyone can sign up and we looked at the many possibilities of work ranging from garden work, working with animals, painting, building, cooking, shopping, babysitting etc. We contacted at few people in November to set something up, but as we arrived in NZ just two weeks before Christmas, not many people were ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru November 17th 2019

After 328km we arrived yesterday at Oamaru on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. We spent one night at the Railway Station in Duntroon and ate dinner with Father Ted at the abandoned church. Enjoy the photos.... read more
Biking through vineyards
Over streams
And into wetlands

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru March 21st 2018

Today we head further south along SH1 to Oamaru, which is allegedly popular with penguins. Following our lack of success in finding seals, I have my expectations set to low. We stop at Timaru, which my guide book describes as a small port city. I have visions of a quaint little fishing town. It’s actually a stonking great container port. We stretch our legs with a wander round Caroline Bay Park with gardens running to sand dunes and the beach. It has a nice rose garden, some weird sculptures and a rather sad aviary. We briefly consider leaving the doors open to liberate the birds. Timaru also has an art gallery. This has even weirder sculptures but very little art, most of the interior is earthquake damaged and cordoned off. The only exhibition is called blue ... read more
Caroline Bay Park Timaru
Timaru Face of Peace
Timaru art gallery

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru October 17th 2017

Hi there! Huh my last blog entry has been so long ago. So after living in a cosy house for a week with a person I call 'the witch', I found a job in a hostel. I worked there 2-3 hours a day for accomodation. The contract said 1 1/2 hour a day but things are never like promised... I stayed there for nearly 3 weeks, making beds every morning, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen. No day off. I shared my room with 7 other people... Well, I would call it a pretty bad job. But it was bearable. I didn't have to pay for accomodation and the hostel was in the city centre of Dunedin and a 10 minutes walk from the university. I met so many great people at the hostel. As ... read more
Adriana taking pictures of a seal coming out of the water
Elephant rocks
Dead shark

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru April 20th 2017

J'avais quitté Christchurch avec Cheyenne et John direction l'autumn arena festival à Oamaru, vendredi matin. En chemin on s'arrête voir les colonies pingouins bleus, mais ce n'est pas le bon timing, par contre la mer déchaînée par les tempêtes est superbe. Oamaru est une ville musée, aux rues pavées type vieux NYC, et aux rues montantes type San Francisco. Interessant ;) Arrivés au festival, parking inaccessible haha, trop de boue! Le festival était parfait, petit, familial, 350 personnes staff compris ;) Boueux avec les pluies torrentielles dues aux deux cyclones coup sur coup qui sont venus chatouiller les côtes néo-zélandaises ;) Mais un festival sans boue c'est pas un festoch certains diront. Des workshops sympas : danse contact, danse de l'amour, acro-yoga (bcp bcp environ 8h en 2,5 jours) et toujours ce même rictus à la ... read more
Oamaru's wharf
Wave breaker in Oamaru

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru March 25th 2017

" Investment in travel is an investment in yourself". Matthew Karsten 23rd March 2017 Oamaru was our first sighting of the East Coast and was a to be a two night stop over in the Waitaki Waters Holiday Park. This holiday park had a seriously big tick of approval from TripAdvisor and the little advert in the AA Traveller's guide was just too good to be true...."great fishing! 5 minutes walk to the beach". The sun was shining late afternoon and having set up camp we drove down to the beach....a five minute drive so the five minute walk thing had us guessing. As already noted, the "beach" was an incredible pile of grey rocks and small stones and the sea had a murky, greenish look...not one that any sensible fish would lurk in.The mouth of ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Oamaru March 7th 2015

Hi folks, got up this morning at 'Old Bones Lodge', pure luxury, said good-bye to 'Thelma and Louise', (the elderly ladies), they were so helpful, gave us loads of tip bits, the American girl turned out to be a Kiwi and she was working on the South Island but came from Auckland, so she to gave us tips. Looked like the Japanese lad drunk himself to a stupor in his room, saw Gloria bring out quite a number of beer bottles. Last night we went off to see the blue penguins, I put 4 layers of clothing on, sooooooo cold and windy out there. Well we managed to see 1. !! Yep, that was it and that little thing looked so scared, which I don't blame him with people pointing down at him and a couple ... read more

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