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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson April 23rd 2021

The plan was to have a cruisy day and discover Nelson at a slow pace. We have been here before but most recently was still longer ago than we can remember and our stay was very brief as we hadn’t booked any accommodation before we arrived and the city was seemingly booked out forcing us to sleep in our car at the Tahunanui Motor Camp. So on that occasion we slept very little, woke up at sun up, very cold even though it was in the summer and drove south in search of somewhere for breakfast which we didn’t find for quite some time as it was so early in the morning. So we started out our exploration of the city with a visit to Tahunanui Beach which is rated one of the best in NZ.It ... read more
Tahananui Beach,Nelson
Trafalgar Street,Nelson
Nelson Cathedral

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson January 28th 2020

Opouštíme největrnější místo Nového Zélandu, Wellington. Vítr jsme pocítili včera i dnes. Čeká nás 3,5hodinová plavba trajektem na jižní ostrov. Naloďujeme se i s autem, jelikož to trajekt Interislander, který má 10 poschodí, umožňuje. Z nejvyšší paluby je rozhodně nejhezčí výhled, jinak loď poskytuje veškeré služby včetně wi-fi připojení nebo blicí pytlíky zdarma :-). V průběhu plavby přichází hlášení, že na levoboku lze spatřit velryby, bohužel jsem neměla to štěstí, abych je alespoň letmo zahlédla. Snad někdy příště. Když jsme se blížili do přístavu Picton, otevřelo se před námi členité pobřeží. Všechny loďky okolo vypadaly jako hračky na pískovišti. Vše bylo jako malované. Dorazili jsme na úplně odlišnou část Zélandu, kde jediné, co prozatím zůstalo stejné, je počasí, opravdu velmi hor... read more
Není Vám dobře?
Výhledy z lodi byly úžasné
Geografický střed Nového Zélandu

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region June 29th 2019

getting the dive gear out and looking forward to getting to some warmer weather. Just doing a test download of photo... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Motueka December 4th 2018

We arrived in Nelson and walked to our hostel. By the time we put our bags down, it was about 4.30pm and we didn’t have enough time to go for a walk before meeting our American friends Matt and Julian for my birthday dinner. We went to a nice pub and had cocktails/beers and dinner - including desserts (plus an additional free dessert I got as it was my birthday, that we all shared). On the next day, we were going for the craziest adventure of our trip! We got picked up at our hostel by Mike while Shaun was eating something that looked like chocolate bread but turned out to be something more like seaweed bread! Our driver was confused because he expected to pick up two additional people, so we waited for a bit ... read more
Our names are here... no going back now!
From the left: Me, Matt, Julian and Shaun

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region November 19th 2018

SCwrites: For our last few hours in Wet and Windy Wellington, the sun come out and we were able to explore the waterfront (very attractive repurposed old buildings, bars restaurants etc) and take a trip up the funicular railways for some great views out over the city and a neat little museum. The fligt over to South Island (Nelson) was uneventful but did offer some great views of the wild and rocky coastline. Yesterday wedrove up to the Abel Tasman National Park and took a crise alongthe shore line. Great views and, in a great surprise, we encountered bottle nose dolphins. Not just a few but scores of them. I got one great photo of one rigth alongside the boat but they were all over. Even the boat crew were exited ("first time in three weeks") ... read more
On the boat with the sun shining
One of many desreted beaches
Nelson Harbour

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region June 3rd 2018

Queen Charlotte Drive, a steep, somewhat dangerous in parts, windy road from Picton to Havelock is a stunning drive and worth the time it takes. Meandering between stunning secluded bays of clear and vividly coloured water, the occasional pull in and view point to walk to, the journey discovers many a small town too. The 'largest' of which is Havelock, a tiny place with a marina full of yachts almost the same size as the the land that hosts the houses. Stopping in this sleepy place on a Saturday showed the town for its most quiet qualities. Fortunately only in requiring a dump station and gas refill our needs were both greeted and met by a lovely local lady, who also filled us in on the long hot summer and the sudden switch to frost bringing ... read more
Wild Boar Hunting, Nelson

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson April 27th 2018

We had a very lazy day today! We slept in until after 9.00am and then lazed around the house most of the day. Finally, in the late afternoon, we decided that we had better go out for a walk so that some movement and exercise was recorded on our activity apps. The weather is cool and cloudy today with worse weather forecast for the weekend. So, with rain a possibility, we put on our raincoats and ventured over into Dellside Reserve again. After walking up the hill and back along Jimmy Lee Creek we were still short of our goals so looped through the park below Robin and Sandra’s before heading back to the house. It was Golden Retriever afternoon at the park with four Goldens romping about having a great time. One reminded us very ... read more
Jimmy Lee Creek
Bolivia Ashes preparation
The winners ... by just 50 points!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson April 25th 2018

This morning we set out with Robin and Sandra to take Nelson on his walk. We headed across the road and into Dellside Reserve which can be traversed via a number of tracks. We started out on the Jimmy Lee Creek Track along which we encountered a bird hide that has been set up for keen twitchers. We didn’t even have to take shelter in the bird hide to see a Tui. He was quite happily sitting on a tree adjacent to the bird hide singing for all the walkers who were out this morning. Before long we had some of the inquisitive fantails flitting around in the bush beside us. Unlike the Tui they wouldn’t sit still for a photograph, but we still managed to take a few shots of these cheeky little birds. At ... read more
View over Richmond
View over Richmond

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Nelson April 24th 2018

Yesterday our move/exercise goals were not achieved so today we really needed to do something active. After lunch we borrowed Sandra’s car again and headed to Botanical Reserve in Nelson so that we could hike up to the trig point that marks the geographical centre of New Zealand. We drove past the park on Sunday with Robin and Sandra, but we didn’t stop. Today we had time to read the interpretative boards in the park and we leant that the park lays claim to being the venue for the first rugby game played in New Zealand. Apparently this claim to fame has been hotly disputed for more than 100 years and it is only relatively recently that Botanical Park has been officially recognised as THE site of the first game of rugby! After reading the signs ... read more
Centre of New Zealand monument
View from the Centre

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region March 12th 2018

Second note from the editor There have been reactions from people belonging to different religious dominations, or is it nominations, about the story of Jerusalem and the birth of little baby Jesus. The Christians are quick to point out that little baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem and not Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem that he found his end, they say. They are sure the Donkey must have heard the story at least once a year while he grew up and he still got it wrong, but they forgive him as he is only a donkey. The Hindus use the Donkey’s observations as proof that Jesus was a false profit. The Buddhist comment gently that it is what it is and a group of Islamic extremists called and asked where the baby is now as they ... read more

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