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C'est après avoir passé la nuit à Motueka que nous reprennons la route pour aller encore plus au nord qu'Abel Tasman: la Golden Bay. Nous nous dirigeons donc au Cape Farewell, loin d'imaginer à quel point nous allions traverser de superbes paysages et que nous trouverions un soleil de plomb! Le Cape Farewell représente le point le plus au nord de l'île sud et vaut vraiment le détour. Nous partons ensuite pour Wharariki Beach, une plage aussi vaste que sa beauté où des paons nous ont accueilli sur le parking, voire harcelé pour quelques morceaux de pain, grains de raisin et pelures de kiwi! On voulait visiter les Rawhiti Caves mais les commentaires sur campermate (et la montagne en face de nous) nous ont découragé car la marche pour y accéder doit être particulièrement pénible. Nous ... read more
Cape Farewell
Cape Farewell
Cape Farewell

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay November 22nd 2016

We made ourselves a bit of breakfast in our room then repacked our overnight bag and loaded it back into the car. We moved the car to the spot where we had been told we could leave it until after our tour and then walked across the street to the office of Farewell Spit Eco Tours. Not one, but two red busses were pulled up out the front. We settled our account and were told that we would be in the first bus. We loaded up and then Elaine asked if anyone needed the loo before we got underway. Damn, I was fine until she put the thought in my head. Fortunately I wasn't the only one who decided to 'go' before we departed! The red busses headed off towards Puponga where we picked up the ... read more
NZ Fur Seals at Fossil Point
Fossil Point
A flock of godwits

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay February 24th 2016

Saturday morning and we are off to Collingwood for the Farewell Spit Tour. Arrived a little early and had a wander through town (that took 3 minutes!). Found a Lookout sign at the end of town and decided we had time to take a look. So up the hill we trek to only find when you leave the road the track was a little worse for wear, and probably not helped by recent heavy rain. Jandals are not the go if you want to do this track, it’s very uneven, slippery today and bits of gorse sticking out that may get you:). At the top the view were back towards the high ranges and not actually down on the Collingwood Township, river mouth and beach. Following the track further on in hope of a better view ... read more
Fungai - Collingwood Lookout walk
Collingwood Lookout
Collingwood River

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay February 22nd 2016

We packed up today and left the beautiful Totaranui. Parked up at Tarakohe Port this afternoon and it’s on our bikes for a ride to Pohara for a big fat ice-cream:). Then onto a walk/bike track that follows the waterfront at Pohara past the golf course and onto a Historical Cemetery and the Clifton Reserve and picnic area. It’s nice along the waterfront but the rest of it not my cuppa tea. Tuesday morning and the weather as forecasted, has packed it in. So we head to Collingwood for supplies and a wander around in the pouring rain. There is a question mark as to whether our raincoats are actually waterproof. Then off to Pakawau School House Café to bunk down till the weather passes. Pakawau is one of those places that has a good community ... read more
Rocks off Wharariki Beach
Baby Seal - Wharariki Beach
NZ Air Force - Wharariki Beach

Golden Bay is a little piece of heaven tucked away in the northwest corner of the South Island. To get there, you have to drive through the Nelson Region, past Motueka and the Abel Tasman National Park. You huff and puff over the Takaka Hill elevation 790 Meters (almost 2,600 ft). Just when you think your old goat can't make it anymore, you feel a lightness overcome you. Whether it be exhaustion from the climb or the view spread out before you, you force yourself to pull over and get out of the car. You've made it to the top. Beams of raw sunlight spread out in parallel lines before you. Cumulous clouds shift and swell slightly as if dangling from the strings of a mobile in the sky, almost close enough to touch, yet so ... read more
Farewell Spit and Golden Bay
Foraging Pukeko
My Humble Abode

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay February 1st 2015

Pohara Early morning walk along the beach, well not that early obviously but quite. The beach must be about 2 miles long and is very gently sloping with very calm water it looks like the ideal kids beach. By the time we were walking back I think there were about 5 or 6 kids and a few parents playing 3 women jogging, 1 quad bike with a trailer and 1 man in swimming. The only thing not peaceful about NZ so far are the cicadas, what a racket they make. Sometimes we can hear them when we are driving on the noisy roads with the a/c on and windows up. Drove along the coast a bit past a sign for penguins, to the Wainui Falls. Interesting walk past some 'slips', through some really very loud cicada ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay December 15th 2014

An alleged rest day - always a challenge for the wanderer. But the day actually began restfully enough. A wander across the road to the cute little court house cafe for excellent eggs & bacon with good coffee. A few average provisions collected from the sparsely-stocked village store - to be pulled together into trmpaing food later for whatever tramp tomorrow brings. But first the afternoon wants filling and farewell spit is only a short drive north. So off the wanderer goes for a visit to Cape Farewell, then a short hike out to Wharariki beach (I'll let the pics do the talking for those two). Then back along to Puponga Farm park and the last point mortal humans can drive to. Now this is a rest day, and the four days of the Wangapeka have ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay November 27th 2012

Geo: -40.7355, 172.659As those of you who know me, I am a bit of a clothes-horse. I love variety in style and colour in what I wear and condensing my clothing apparel to one backpack and the limited choices for 9 months is a challenge for me. On top of that, encountering cold weather for weeks on end meant wearing the same thing over and over, perhaps changing up which layer came first! Well, we have finally hit some warm weather and I feel a release – being able to vary my clothing choices and finally being able to wear a lovely little merino tunic I purchased in Dunedin. Freedom! Life is good. And very uncomplicated at this time in our lives, as you can tell by my deep thoughtfulness :)Golden Bay is a bit of ... read more
Arch Reflection
 Wharariki Beach
Deer Farming - Why Don't We Do It?

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay December 21st 2011

De volgende morgen was het heel hard aan het regenen. We hoorden van Deon dat het zo ging blijven gieten tot zondag! (nog 5 dagen) We besloten terug richting Takaka te gaan en dan de richting uit naar het Abel Tasman National Park. We dachten dat het in het bos misschien minder ging regenen, of een andere richting uit misschien wel geen regen. Niet dus! Ook hier was het regen, regen, regen! We hebben hier al héél veel natte regenjassen gehad in Nieuw-Zeeland! Deze streek hier hoort normaal gezien de meest zonnige dagen te hebben van het Zuidereiland. Veel van de zon hebben we helaas nog niet gezien. Wat wel een voordeel is aan de regen is dat het bos heel lekker ruikt! Gisteren hebben we bijna de hele dag in onze wagen doorgebracht. Maar Jan ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region » Golden Bay December 21st 2011

Gisterennamiddag gingen we richting de bib. Nog geen nieuws van de mensen die we al dagenlang probeerden te contacteren. We besloten op richting Nelson te rijden. Volgens het weerbericht was het daar gestopt met regenen. Bij ons in Takaka regende het onophoudelijk. De bib sloot ook vandaag weer vroeger want mensen hadden wateroverlast thuis en in de straten. Alle grote banen naar het Noordelijke deel waren afgesloten. Flooding! - overstromingen- Er was dus geen mogelijkheid om nog terug te keren naar Pohara of Collingwood. Toen we net uit de stad waren zagen we een verkeerspaaltje staan. De regen kletterde en verblinde ons zicht op onze voorruit. We besloten trager te rijden en vooraleer we het goed en wel doorhadden reden we wel bijna een halve meter in het water rond! Dit hebben we 3 keer voorgehad. ... read more
catching possums/ possums vangen

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