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The last two days Tony and I were in Fiordland National Park! Our first stop was a short walk around Milford Sound and then we hiked to the top of Key Summit Track! The following day, we took a boat cruise through Doubtful Sound! If you ever make your way to this part of the world it’s worth the extra bus and boat ride to experience this fiord!!! We happened to be there after a night of heavy rain, so the waterfalls were countless and amazing! Truly an experience of a lifetime! ... read more

Wednesday 4th December, 2013. Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand We had to get up early again as we had to be at the Wharf in Manapouri (about 20 minutes drive from Te Anau) at 7.40 for an 8 am departure. We arrived first at about 7.30 am and were issued our boarding passes immediately. Doubtful Sound is not accessible by road. It is necessary to go by boat across lake Manapouri (the 5th largest in NZ) to the "neck" and then cross the Wilmot Pass before taking another boat up the Sound itself. Doubtful Sound was originally named "Doubtful Harbour" by Captain Cook when he sailed past in the Endeavour on his first circumnavigation of NZ in 1770. He skirted past the entrance wondering whether there was sufficient wind to manoeuvre his vessel in ... read more
68. M, Marjorie and Mike on Doubtful Sound Cruise
27. Doubtful Sound
54. Crooked Arm, Doubtful Sound

Now I know what you are thinking; they have turned into Pirates and are not coming back? Have won the Malaysian version of ‘Who wants to be a Millionare?’ Maybe it’s that we have struck gold in Oz? Afraid not – but we have found some pics that we haven’t put up before. Julian thinks they are real gems (even though – yep I know Lyn – he’s not on many. It’s the weather you see – he is finding it difficult to cope). So the pics – they are of NZ, some seen before others new – a real mixture. To help understand this mixture, here is a handy guide (Whales + Dolphins = kaikoura; Nice blue water = Lake Tekapo. Snowy Mountain = you’ve guessed it (!) Mount Cook; Water, Mountains and Rich n ... read more
Photo 18
Photo 19
Photo 20

Queenstown, a tourist town on Lake Wanaka flanked by the ‘Incredibles’ mountain range and Ben Lomond. Ok that’s the boring bit done, Queenstown is an adrenlin packed playground and our welcome involved travelling by cable car to the sadle of Ben Lomond and looking down to Queenstown with hang-gliders above us, bungee jumpers below us, Luge drivers alongside us and jet boaters on the lake. So we took the soft start and raced the Luge circuit in a go-kart no less than 5 times. Then to the serious stuff…45 minutes on the lake and Shotover River in a twin jet boat driven by Kevin with a glint in his eye like it was his last drive…it was. The boat shoots down the river like something from a Bond film, aiming for any obstacle and swerving at ... read more
doubtful sounds1 025
doubtful sounds1 026
doubtful sounds1 028

As well as revisiting old favourites, on my quick trip through the South Island I've tried to tick off a few sites on my must-do-still list. Abel Tasman and Dunedin were both on this list, as was Doubtful Sound, and a fortnight ago I finally visited this beautiful and remote part of Fiordland. We piled camping gear into Luke and Lisa's beast of a 4x4 and drove out to Te Anau for a night under canvas...or under a $10 tent from the Salvation Army store as it turned out! We eventually settled on a grassy clearing after testing the off-road capabilities of the beast on a twilight drive up a muddy, overgrown track. I spent the night wearing all the clothes I own, having weird and scary dreams, and trying not to touch the sides of ... read more
Me on our cruise of Doubtful Sound
Albatross, Doubtful Sound
Kayaking Doubtful Sound

Winding down with the Weather The morning after my incredible luck at the glaciers, the weather was anything but pleasant. You will not be able to tell from the pictures I have chosen for the blogs, but I have had nasty weather on the way. But I have managed to time it, so that I have been on the road on those days and not missing out on anything really important. It is also a way of cleaning the dust of the EDS. I headed further south - into the mountains and stayed a couple of nights in Wanaka. Some of NZ's skiing territory is in this area, but the season was over weeks before I arrived and the summer activities had not really kicked off yet, so it was nice and quiet. I went tramping ... read more
Wakatipu Reflection

Even een correctie van mijn vorig verslag: Er is 180 dagen kans op regen, dus nog 60 meer dan dat ik eerst vermeldde. In Tuatapere reden we langs een leuk cafeetje. We stopten even om te snuisteren. Het café straalde een 'nostalgische' look uit van zo'n 100 jaar terug in de tijd. De dame zelf , was ook al redelijk oud (neenee geen 100) en ze vertelde maar al te graag over de typische dingen in Nieuw-Zeeland en over haar overgrootouders die van Schotland naar Nieuw-Zeeland reisden om daar een nieuw leven te beginnen. 3 maanden zaten die mensen op een boot. Ze vertelde ook het verhaal over 'The Belgian Cookies' -zoals hiervoor al vermeld - De vrouw liet ons ook wat chocolate fishes (snoepjes) proeven. En tussentijds vertelde ze dat ze ook al in België ... read more

It was an early morning for our last full day in New Zealand. Today was a day of cabs, busses and boats. A cab picked us up at 7 am and took us to our bus. We were two of the last people on the completely full bus. By 7:30 we headed out of Queenstown and started the 2 ½ hour ride to get us close to Doubtful Sound. The ride was amazing. We had awesome views of lakes on one side of the bus and the mountains on the other side. It is hard to describe how picturesque the scenes are, they don’t even seem real. This was just the first leg of several getting to the Sound. After the bus, we loaded onto a boat that took us across Lake Manapouri, which took about ... read more
One of many waterfalls
The sound from the back desk

After a cup of coffee to fortify myself I will now put the second batch of fotos on - these of my overnight stay at Manapouri Lake and next day trip to Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound is named by James Cook ( who else??) who on seeing it was reluctant to take his ship in as he was "doubtful" he could sail it out again given the prevailing westerly winds....he was probably right. Enjoy the fotos. Lv Lynne... read more
Jimmy's horses
At Manapouri (3)
At Manapouri (6)

Today was the day of my second big excursion in three days -- a trip to Doubtful Sound. I found myself tired, cranky, and not as enthusiastic as I might have been about the long and complex journey required to reach the Sound. Mercifully, as I didn't feel much like walking, the tour bus picked me up right at the YHA hostel. It was a surprisingly small bus, and the driver explained that this was only a transfer bus; we would join the main tour group in Manapouri. Manapouri, as it turned out, was about five miles away. On the way, the driver told us about the diversification of the local farmland, as farmers switched from the once-ubiquitous sheep to beef cattle and red deer. Manapouri was just a wide place in the road. A pup ... read more
Real Journeys' office
Manapouri Power Station

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